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Reduce high downtime with planned maintenance

Time and again, fire brigade maintenance measures are carried out in companies in order to be able to react to unexpected machine failures. This leads to a resource situation that is difficult to plan and increasingly to unprepared and time-consuming repairs. These block your capacities to be able to carry out immediate maintenance. Through planned and preventive measures, you can schedule your maintenance accordingly and make better use of your resources. Rise to the challenge, because optimised maintenance management provides your employees with the necessary information in the event of an unplanned outage. In this way, you avoid high downtimes in production in the future.


  • Reduction and shortening of downtimes 
  • More efficient maintenance processes
  • React proactively instead of reactively to machine failures in the future
  • Use a systematic approach to preventive maintenance
  • Reduce unplanned machine breakdowns
shorter downtimes
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More proactive outreaches
Less unplanned machine downtime



Introduction of planned maintenance

Planned maintenance through checklists

Introduction of meter feedback

Automotive supplier

Automotive supplier

Reduction of throughput times through integratively coordinated processes.

Standardisation of maintenance processes

Preparation of the system for mobile maintenance

Our services

  • Situation analysis and concept developments for forward planning
  • Integration of SAP maintenance
  • Improving the proportion of preventive and planned maintenance by analysing your current situation
  • Design of efficient processes for the rapid elimination of machine failures
  • Introduction of predictive maintenance measures
  • Implementation of preventive measures
  • Creation of efficient maintenance processes
  • Introduction of appropriate sensor technology 
  • Consistent monitoring


  • Together with you, we analyse your current situation and develop a concept on how you can better plan in advance and thus reduce the share of immediate maintenance
  • Our experts integrate SAP maintenance for you and give you the opportunity to react proactively instead of reactively to machine failures in the future
  • Through the systematic approach of our experts, you create a preventive maintenance system that helps you to prevent unplanned machine breakdowns as far as possible. This reduces your costs and increases the efficiency of your production in the long term
  • Through consistent monitoring and with the help of the appropriate sensor technology, we reduce the number of failures during your production

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