Stable production plan

Add-on solution for stable production planning in PP/DS

The add-on solution for stable production planning is aimed at industrial manufacturers whose goal is to make production process planning more flexible and at the same time more efficient. The integration of customers and suppliers into the supply chain is a fundamental prerequisite for this.

Furthermore, detailed planning must take changes at machine level into account. With the integration of the extended production planning PP/DS into the SAP-HANA platform and the stable production plan, a fast and powerful solution is available.

Goals and functions: Stable production planning prevents frequent replanning

  • Mapping of make-to-stock, make-to-order and project manufacturing processes
  • Scheduling of new orders into free capacities
  • Ensure adherence to schedules, orders already scheduled are not rescheduled
  • Stabilization of order sequences, changes in the short term only in exceptional cases
  • Scheduling of complex job structures automated or inactive simulation
  • Automated scheduling taking into account capacities, component availability and customer priorities by using the PP/DS optimizer
  • Cross-plant planning

Advantages: Planning stability in medium-sized production

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  • Implementable stable production plans, meeting customer requirements on time and in compliance with quality standards
  • Optimized job sequence and resource utilization, while reducing resource requirements through improved production planning and consideration of alternative machines
  • Capacity, material and tool availabilities as well as personnel qualifications are included in production and detailed planning
  • Sophisticated planning functions are available
  • Calm, capacitive, smoothed production

With the add-on for stable production planning in SAP HANA embedded PP/DS, CONSILIO offers a tool with which we were able to smoothen our production and thus increase efficiency, as only new requirements are planned and integrated into the process under consideration of capacities and availabilities.

Peter Heß, Production ManagerLechler GmbH

CONSILIO solution for finite planning of tools and production resources with the SAP detailed planning solution PP/DS using the example of injection moulding planning.

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