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Availability check (ATP) at storage type level

Avoidance of missing parts in production through availability check at storage type level

Are you also faced with the challenge of a complex storage type structure, or stocks in production being booked out very late, or even the supermarket not always being full? Do your production controllers therefore encounter the problem that they cannot control production properly, because material should have been used up, but it is not, or they don't have access to it yet?

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For these reasons, we have extended the availability check at storage type level. This supports you when releasing the production order and shows you whether you have enough stock available in the corresponding storage types. The system therefore checks all storage types according to the stock removal strategy for the respective production supply area (PSA) and returns a message as to whether it is sufficient. Optionally, you can also configure a cancellation of the release instead of a warning message in Customizing.

Advantages of the WM-based storage type ATP check at production order release

  • Checking the quantity required for production at storage type level with the standard ATP check in the production order environment
  • Consideration of different staging strategies in warehousing
  • Early detection of cannibalized orders in production and thus possibilities for prompt reaction
  • S/4HANA compatible
  • Scalable to functionalities in EWM environment

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