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A high-performance and flexible value chain depends on various factors. Individually tailored to your company, we use future-proof and agile solutions to make your processes even more efficient.

High competitive pressure, widely ramified supply chains and changing customer behavior are just a small sample of the current and future challenges to which companies must adapt. The aim is always to maintain and expand an efficient and effective supply chain with intelligent production processes in order to use this as a competitive advantage in the end. Due to constant change, processes will have to be adjusted more frequently in the future and adapted to new situations.

We solve your challenges

Already know today what needs to be produced next month

  • With the necessary experience from various supply chain management projects, we provide you with an overview of current requirements and how these can be covered in concrete terms. In this way, you always have an overview of current and forecast consumption.
  • Our experts map their individual production processes adapted to the respective test situation. Save costs, for example for warehouses or optimized coordination with your suppliers.
  • We support you in centralizing your planning activities for the entire organization
  • Use our production know-how and create higher customer satisfaction. Our experts optimize your production processes in such a way that you can detect supply bottlenecks at an early stage, as demand and resources are no longer just combined, but resources are used effectively
  • CONISLIO uses various methods to improve your production processes. These are individually and ideally adapted to the customer's needs. For example, our experts use various product heuristics, planning according to batch sizes, production planning in the individual customer segment or make-to-stock production.

Take advantage of our experience in detailed production planning and ensure that you already know today what needs to be produced next month


The right stock in the right place at the right time

  • With many years of experience in production planning, we create an improved overview of your company situation. Ensure higher transparency with the knowledge of where and when which material is used for what
  • Has your system landscape grown historically? Then it is disorganized and you cannot make a statement about whether your infrastructure is still up to current and future tasks. CONSILIO helps you with the necessary know-how to ensure that you always have a clear overview of your processes.
  • We support you in improving your inventory situation and reducing your warehousing costs. In this way, you benefit from lower costs in your product procurement
  • Our experts support you in harmonizing your systems, even beyond the plant boundaries. Requirements are then planned across companies on a sound data basis. This enables you to reduce your company's costs.
  • CONSILIO supports you with the experience from successful supply chain management projects to optimize your planning. Conserve your resources and get an overview of when which product is needed at which location
  • Our experts will support you in planning over multiple horizons both short, medium and long term. Thus, guarantee improved inventory distribution, better material availability, creating more efficient production

Benefit from over 20 years of supply chain management project experience and ensure that you always have the right inventory in the right place at the right time.


Development of a feasible production plan with all restrictions

  • CONSILIO's technical and system experts from all areas of supply chain management advise you on the optimal planning of your production lines. In this way, we enable your company to optimize the combination of capacity supply and demand and to better utilize your machinery.
  • CONSILIO supports you in replacing outdated solutions and helps your company to transform your planning into a holistic, intelligent and comprehensive solution. This way you benefit from time and cost savings, as cumbersome manual planning is eliminated
  • We support you in the introduction and implementation of new manufacturing scenarios that may require modified planning
  • Through our experience in supply chain management, we create the necessary transparency. This means that you always have all the necessary information at hand, for example when and to what extent your resources are being utilized. You can now react flexibly to short-term changes
  • CONSILIO optimizes your production processes through many years of comprehensive experience. The transparency gained enables you to recognize overloads at an early stage. Setup optimization can ensure that you reduce throughput times and increase your output
  • Our experts support you in the introduction of integrated planning with their expertise and experience from a variety of projects and industries. A uniform database forms the basis

    You too can benefit from our experience in manufacturing control and production planning. Make sure you develop a feasible production plan with all the restrictions


Integrate production processes into the supply chain in a future-oriented manner

  • As an SAP Gold Partner and with Recognized Expertise in Supply Chain Management, we create a "Single-Point-Of-Truth" of manufacturing in your company. We harmonize your production processes and implement a solution that manages and distributes the data. This ensures transparency in your production and you always know which orders are being processed and when, whether you are on schedule or need additional resources.
  • Our experts support you in assigning the requirement and receipt elements. In this way, we provide you with the necessary overview of subordinate components and raw materials. You now know at any time whether you need to carry out new planning or postpone it. This improves the availability of your finished parts
  • With the necessary expertise, CONSILIO works with you to develop an individual concept for optimizing your production processes that is tailored to your requirements. We thus create for you a system with which you can constantly monitor your production processes in order to be able to react quickly to unexpected events. Ensure that you are optimally prepared for sudden machine failures and changed capacity situations

Benefit from our know-how and integrate your production processes flexibly into the supply chain. 


Creation of an optimized and comprehensive production program plan

  • Our SAP experts support you with their expertise in the creation of an optimized and comprehensive production plan, with which you can optimize both the time sequence and the planning of resources
  • With SAP PP/DS, CONSILIO provides you with a tool that supports you in planning for the short to medium term.
  • With our expertise, we provide you with the necessary overview of your production. We set up your SAP PP/DS system for you in such a way that you can plan your machine assignment with optimized set-up times, always have an overview of your demand dates and ensure the optimized timing of your production. In this way, you can guarantee that bottlenecks are detected early.  In addition, any need for action is identified and recommendations are made for a smooth production process.
  • We set up additional heuristics for you and significantly optimize your production program planning. In the future, you will benefit from a system in which scheduling can run fully automatically, but you have full control over planning at all times. These product heuristics simplify your requirements planning in the long term, and there is no longer any need for time-consuming covering or planning over several scheduling levels.

Use our expertise to create an optimized and comprehensive production program plan


Carrying out various demand simulations

  • Our experts will implement a solution adapted to your needs, allowing you to analyze, evaluate and simulate your future demand situations
  • Together with you, CONSILIO carries out simulations with the necessary requirements and checks whether the capacity on your production lines is sufficient. This gives you a quick and comprehensive overview of your production and allows you to assess whether a changed order situation is still possible with the available capacity
  • We support you in adjusting and optimizing your production plans on a large scale, thereby giving you the opportunity to identify potential capacity bottlenecks and proactively counteract them

Take advantage of our industry experience and run various demand simulations


Our customers:

The CONSILIO performance portfolio

  • Unsere Experten beginnen Ihr Implementierungsprojekt mit einem Überblickworkshop. Hier werden alle notwendigen Details ermittelt
  • Im Anschluss folgt ein "process readiness" Workshop. Er gibt Ihnen Einblick darüber, ob Ihre internen Prozesse bereit für eine Implementierung sind
  • Dank langjähriger Expertise beraten Sie unsere Experten zu jeder Zeit des Implementierungsprojekts
  • Wir entwerfen Ihr Prozessdesign und stellen gemeinsam mit Ihnen einen individuellen Projekt- und Budgetplan zusammen
  • Unsere Experten bauen einen oder mehrere Prototypen zur Darstellung Ihrer Anforderungen
  • Die CONSILIO unterstützt Sie in allen Stufen des Change Managements
  • Erfahrene Berater kümmern sich um das nötige Coaching und Training Ihrer Mitarbeiter
  • Im nächsten Schritt wird das gewünschte Prozessdesign in Ihrem System implementiert
  • Fachwissen hilft uns, dass Customizing Ihres Systems gemäß Ihren Anforderungen durchzuführen
  • War der Funktionstest erfolgreich, führen wir gemeinsam mit Ihnen den zum Roll-out notwendigen Abnahmetest durch
  • Unsere Experten transportieren mit der nötigen Sachkenntnis und Sorgfalt alle Stammdaten, Konfigurationen und Einstellungen in Ihr Produktivsystem
  • Wir führen den Go-live durch, bieten Ihnen den nötigen Support und unterstützen Sie bei Ihrer Projektabnahme
  • Darüber hinaus bieten wir Ihnen individuelle Post-go-live Services an, wie zum Beispiel Datenpflege, Dokumentenanpassung und viele weitere Maintenance Services
  • Wir führen die nötigen Analysen zur Identifizierung Ihrer Painpoints durch und zeigen Ihnen mögliche Verbesserungspotenziale auf
  • Unsere Experten entwickeln für Sie eine individuelle Lösung unter Einbeziehung bereits existenter CONSILIO Add-on Lösungen und Best Practice
  • Je nach Umfang bauen wir für Ihr Unternehmen einen Prototyp zur Darstellung der Optimierungsmöglichkeiten und Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten auf
  • Die CONSILIO kümmert sich um die Umsetzung in Ihrem produktiv System
  • Gemeinsam mit Ihnen betreuen wir den Go-live 
  • Mit dem nötigen Fachwissen validieren unsere Experten die Ergebnisse und Verbesserungen. Wenn nötig, führen Sie Nachjustierung durch
  • Unsere Berater coachen und trainieren Ihrer Mitarbeiter und stellen eine optimale Nutzung der Weiterentwicklungen sicher

Our experience shows high competitive pressure, widely ramified supply chains and changing customer behavior are the primary challenges of many companies. We are happy to support you in developing a high-performance and flexible value chain. Make sure that you design your processes future-oriented and efficient.

David Reibnegger, PartnerCONSILIO GmbH

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