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A high-performance and flexible value chain depends on various factors. Individually tailored to your company, we use future-proof and agile solutions to make your processes even more efficient.

High competitive pressure, widely ramified supply chains and changing customer behavior are just a small excerpt from the current and future challenges that companies must adapt to. The aim is always to maintain and expand an efficient and effective supply chain with intelligent production processes in order to use this as a competitive advantage in the end. Due to constant change, processes will have to be adjusted more frequently in the future and adapted to new situations.

We solve your challenges

Create feasible production schedules taking into account machine, personnel availability and other restrictions

Intelligent and automated planning methods can be used to create production plans that take into account machine capacity, personnel capacity, production resources and other limiting resources needed to process an order.

The right stock in the right place at the right time

The right stock in the right place at the right time? Inventory reduction with a simultaneous increase in delivery reliability is not a conflict of objectives, but the goal of coordinated inventory planning.

Knowing today what needs to be produced in the coming months

Do you have transparency over all information and data to be able to plan for the long term? A coordinated planning process from strategic to operational planning is essential in today's volatile markets.

Creation of a feasible and optimized production plan

The primary objective of a production plan must be to achieve optimum machine occupancy with orders, ensuring short throughput times, low inventories and optimum setup and order sequences, as well as taking material and PRT availability into account.

Execute demand simulations and what-if scenarios

In order to be able to react to market opportunities, a company must review its production capacities in the medium to long term in order to be able to initiate the procurement of machines, tools or personnel in good time if necessary. Thereby, simulations and what-if scenarios are big advantages.


Our experience shows that high competitive pressure, widely ramified supply chains and changing customer behavior are the primary challenges facing many companies. We would be happy to support you in developing a high-performance and flexible value chain. Make sure that you design your processes future-oriented and efficient.

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The CONSILIO service portfolio

  • Our experts start your implementation project with an overview workshop. Here, all necessary details are determined
  • This is followed by a "process readiness" workshop. It gives you insight into whether your internal processes are ready for implementation
  • Thanks to many years of expertise, our experts advise you at every stage of the implementation project
  • We create your process design and work with you to put together an individual project and budget plan
  • Our experts build one or more prototypes to demonstrate your requirements
  • CONSILIO supports you in all stages of change management
  • Experienced consultants take care of the necessary coaching and training of your employees
  • In the next step, the desired process design is implemented in your system
  • Expertise helps us to customize your system according to your requirements
  • If the functional test was successful, we carry out the acceptance test necessary for the roll-out together with you
  • Our experts transport all master data, configurations and settings into your productive system with the necessary expertise and care
  • We carry out the go-live, offer you the necessary support and assist you with your project acceptance
  • In addition, we offer you individual post-go-live services, such as data maintenance, document adaptation and many other maintenance services.
  • We perform the necessary analyses to identify your pain points and show you possible improvement potentials
  • Our experts develop an individual solution for you, taking into account existing CONSILIO Add-on Solutions and best practices
  • Depending on the scope, we build a prototype for your company to demonstrate the optimization options and improvement potentials
  • CONSILIO takes care of the implementation in your productive system
  • Together with you we supervise the go-live
  • With the necessary expertise, our experts validate the results and improvements. If necessary, carry out readjustments
  • Our consultants coach and train your employees and ensure optimal use of the enhancements

Set up your production with an eye to the future!

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