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SAP IBP for Response & Supply

To meet fluctuating customer demands in a timely manner while responding to short-term disruptions in the network, your company needs coordinated response & supply planning.

The focus is on the processes for tactical, operational and reactive supply planning. In IBP for Response & Supply, these processes are supported by high-performance cost- and rule-based procedures and are time series-based or order-based, depending on the time horizon.

better deliverability
higher utilisation
fewer last-minute planning changes

Tactical supply planning (time series based)

CONSILIO SAP IBP Response & Supply – Systembeispiel Supply-Chain-Planungsszenarios

Create infinite and finite production and distribution plans for medium- to long-term planning of your quantities, capacities, costs and sales in IBP for Response & Supply.

Our video shows you a comparison of infinite planning using supply heuristics and finite planning using supply optimizers in a system example. You will also see how to plan for changes and disruptions in the network using capacity expansion, component substitution, automatic product mix adjustment and multi-sourcing.

Operational supply planning (order-based)

Schedule orders for production, purchasing, and stock transfers finite to the day. Planning is based on rule-based sales order and forecast prioritization. Have sales orders confirmed according to your prioritization and planning and transfer this confirmation to your ERP. IBP Response & Supply thus offers you for the first time the possibility to directly link your availability check (ATP) and your supply chain planning. As part of deployment planning, you build on this to create a short-term distribution plan to distribute available receipts to inventory build points.

Reactive response planning (order-based)

CONSILIO SAP IBP Response & Supply – Demo Order-based Planning (OBP)

Respond flexibly to changes in demand and supply chain by rescheduling your production, distribution, and procurement orders.
Have sales order confirmations automatically adjusted to your new situation. According to the priority rules you specify.

Our video demonstrates in a system example this response planning process of the sales order confirmation with integration into the ERP in case of a new planning situation:
Within the IBP planning horizon, an automatic order confirmation takes place, taking into account all restrictions and supply chain specifications.

An excerpt of our IBP for Response & Supply projects.



Introduction of order-based planning

Worldwide demand prioritisation & distribution in the distribution network

Sales order confirmations with priority rules



With the introduction of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), the traditional German manufacturer TEEKANNE is not only automating the planning of its production, distribution and procurement, but is also increasing the accuracy of its planning and enhancing the transparency of its processes.

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We are happy to support you in the introduction of coordinated response & supply planning. Ensure that you can serve your customer needs in a timely manner while responding to short-term disruptions in your network.

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  • Set up a supply planning solution with capacity planning, supplier planning and component availability planning.
  • Revision of the supply planning processes including coordination of short-term and long-term planning
  • Introduction of modern planning tools such as: rule-based or contribution margin-based optimisation methods
  • Support in finding an individual solution
  • Integration of rough-cut planning with detailed planning tools such as SAP PP/DS

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