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Monitoring & reporting of logistics processes

If a company wants to keep an eye on the entire warehouse process chain at all times, it is advisable to make use of monitoring and reporting functions. The monitoring of measurable processes serves to indicate weak points and workloads and to react to them with optimization. This can be, for example, a reallocation of resources. The warehouse key figures, based on KPIs and reports, can be summarized in a control center and monitored and validated by a responsible person. Meet your challenges, because this way a warehouse can react to unexpected events and delays without loss of efficiency.


  • Early and timely intervention in case of undesirable developments as well as delays becomes possible
  • Own key figures can be created by EWM key figure services
  • Optimization potentials in the warehouse are revealed
  • Through the graphical warehouse layout in EWM, the spatial conditions including shelves, aisles, storage types, etc. can be mapped in the system.
  • Basis for performance-related remuneration of warehouse employees
  • The performance of warehouse employees can be evaluated
  • It is possible to evaluate the performance of individual logistics areas, such as the incoming goods department
  • Optimization of the flow of goods
higher key figure quality
Improved flow of goods
Earlier detection of errors

An extract of our projects

Automotive supplier

Automotive supplier

Setup of a customer-specific warehouse management monitor

Layout configuration per user group

Extensions by own reports for customer specific requirements


Engine manufacturer

Engine manufacturer

Extensions of the Warehouse Management Monitor

engineering company

engineering company


User & Key-User Trainings

Our services

  • Analysis of internal warehouse processes and definition of objects for monitoring and reporting
  • Conception and implementation of monitoring and reporting in the warehouse management monitor and warehouse cockpit
  • Coaching and training of end users and key users
  • Conception and development of the warehouse control center
  • Design of an individual layout adapted to customer-specific requirements
  • Mapping of the warehouse in the graphical warehouse layout


  • Thanks to our many years of experience from a large number of projects in the field of logistics management, we can provide you with optimum support in setting up monitoring with individual key performance indicators. This ensures that you always keep an eye on the processes and KPIs that are most important to you and can react optimally to events.
  • Our experts bring best practice experience to your company and show you which processes and steps can be analyzed and optimized with reporting. Then we customize the reporting tools to meet your individual needs
  • As a SAP Gold Partner and with Recognized Expertise in Supply Chain Management, we coach and train your key users as well as end users. This way, your warehouse managers get to know the possibilities of monitoring and reporting and can build them up for themselves flexibly and according to their needs.

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