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S/4HANA Stock Room Management

The usage rights of the logistics module Warehouse Management expire. Existing SAP WM processes can continue to be used. Here, S/4HANA Stock Room Management is the sensible intermediate step towards digitizing your warehouse.

S/4HANA Stock Room Management is available as of release S/4HANA 1909 and is included in the license for S/4HANA Enterprise Management. This is not a new module for warehouse management with new functionalities, but a successor to the old module WM with limited functions. Stock Room Management is primarily aimed at existing SAP customers who want to continue using their classic WM after 2027. Further developments of this module are not expected.

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The functional scope of S/4HANA Stock Room Management is limited to the mapping of core logistics functionalities. Manual manual warehouses can thus continue to be mapped in full. This means that transfer orders can still be created for manual goods movements. Processing via mobile scanner dialog is still possible. However, further functions of the classic SAP WM are no longer available. These include:

SAP's Task and Resource Management (TRM) increases the efficiency
of your warehouse processes through:

  • Task and resource optimization
  • Execution control
  • Tools for monitoring and action
  • Tools for alerts and troubleshooting
  • Mobile display capabilities via radio frequency devices

Via this interface, third-party systems, such as

  • Automatic storage systems
  • Forklift guidance systems or carousels
  • Decentralized warehouse management systems
  • Mobile data acquisition

be connected to the warehouse management.

  • With the Additional Logistics Services (ASL) function, additional services can be managed and controlled with or without changing the handling unit
  • Such as packing two materials as one package or packing materials on the same pallet
  • The additional logistics services offer the following functions:
    • Enhanced inventory transparency
    • Support for simple and complex VAS
    • VAS templates
    • Tools for monitoring and action
    • Tools for alerts and troubleshooting
    • Mobile display
  • From the moment the goods receipt is scheduled in the warehouse, the Yard Management provides management and control capabilities
  • The LE-YM provides the following functions:
    • Management of yard processes
    • Provision of information to forwarders
    • Monitoring and response tools
    • Alert and troubleshooting tools
    • Bar chart for scheduling
    • Display on mobile devices

Cross-docking or cross-coupling refers to a type of handling for goods in logistics that is linked to the functions of

  • Planned and opportunistic cross-docking
  • One-step and two-step cross-docking
  • Optimization of cross-docking decisions
  • Tools for monitoring and action
  • Tools for alerts and troubleshooting
  • Cross-docking planning tool

the duplication of unnecessary handling of goods by minimizing cycle times, warehousing and handling costs.

  • With wave management, items from transfer orders for goods issues can be combined or split into waves. These items must be processed and picked at approximately the same time
  • Waves can
    • be edited
    • be used as a wave template for manual and automatic wave generation
    • use an automatic shaft assignment

A decentralized WM represents an independent decentralized system that is operated independently of a central ERP system.

Your benefits

  • Your customer-specific developments remain in place
  • Investment costs for your conversion to S/4HANA are easier to calculate
  • No time pressure during the conversion to SAP EWM
  • You continue to have process reliability in the operational area
  • Your manual warehouse can continue to be operated
  • No license fees

S/4HANA Stock Room Management is an option for existing SAP customers with small warehouses and a low level of automation, even after 2027. It is the sensible transitional solution on the way to SAP Extended Warehouse Management. Customer-specific developments can still be used in Stock Room Management, as WM data structures are accessed. SAP EWM remains SAP's strategic and recommended product for your future-oriented warehouse management.

We support you with our expertise in choosing an optimal warehouse solution and ensure that you can continue to use your SAP WM processes and in-house developments.

Sebastian Keilhacker, Senior Managing Consultant CONSILIO GmbH Contact the expert

Our services

  • Conducting a compatibility check - Can your current SAP WM continue to be used as S/4HANA Stock Room Management and which functions would be omitted? 
  • Analysis of your current warehouse situation and recommendation for action when choosing an optimal warehouse solution.
  • Comparison of SAP EWM and S/4HANA Stock Room Management
  • Process analysis and examination of which actual processes can be mapped in SAP Standard

Continue to use SAP WM processes & in-house developments!

Get TOP advice and
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