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Bill of materials browser for ERP and S/4HANA

Evaluate mass views of bills of material with master data check and transaction data

With the BOM browser for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA, manufacturing companies can view their BOMs in a user-friendly multi-level manner. To get a quick overview, a master data existence check for the materials in the BOM is integrated. The BOM browser also enables quick realization of further evaluations for BOM structures.

Highlights of the tool

User-friendly mass viewing of parts lists

Fast evaluations of the parts list structure

Variable integration of jumps to transactions

Individual customizable

Initial situation

SAP BOMs are an indispensable basis for production planning and material provisioning in manufacturing companies. Particularly in the case of complex products, they help to provide a complete overview of assemblies and individual parts. Perhaps you are familiar with the situation: You would like to display the bill of material (BOM) of several materials on several levels.

This can be done individually using the standard SAP transaction CS12, but you have neither a transaction nor a Quick View solution for large quantities. This is where the "BOM browser with master data check" add-on comes in.

Functions and benefits of the solution

  • Call-up of any number of materials by selection via material, MRP controller, material text, material type, product hierarchy, etc.
  • Information on the existence of important master data per material and key date
  • Visualization of missing master data depending on procurement type or special procurement type
  • Representation as tree (ALV-Tree), as list (ALV-Grid) or combined as tree and list. The combined display is particularly suitable for evaluating BOM structures with the help of sorting, filters and layouts with regard to material or BOM properties.
  • Additional material data, e.g. product hierarchy, weights and volumes as well as many MRP and procurement parameters.
  • Many double-click jumps to transactions matching the respective field, user and admin can include further jumps to any transactions for the selected line via the navigation profile
  • Easily extendable with additional material master fields from MARA or MARC - without coding changes by inserting fields in DDIC structures

Master data validation

The objects valid for the material, plant and key date are counted: BOMs, routings, production versions, control cycles, packing instructions, source list entries, MM scheduling agreements and MRP areas. A double click on the respective field leads to the

corresponding overview transaction of the object. If essential master data is missing depending on the procurement type and special procurement, this is visualized by symbols, text and colors. The result can be seen aggregated via the BOM structure.

The BOM browser with master data check uses the same technology as the SAP standard transaction CS12, but is much more user-friendly and functionally greatly enhanced.

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