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A good user experience is more than just beautiful pictures!

Digitization also means creating a new kind of user experience. The user is given the opportunity to access information anywhere and at any time using inexpensive end devices. This allows him to carry out his activities quickly and easily. The time of classical office work is coming to an end. This new flexibility requires a rethinking of your applications, especially with regard to presentation and usability.

Home office, mobile working and the use of new end devices such as tablets and smartphones are becoming more and more a part of the modern working world and are increasingly changing our everyday working life. The user is more flexible and can evaluate and react to the most important data instantly. Thanks to the latest technologies, this works for the management as well as for the user. For your company, this means that you need not only reporting applications, but also transactional applications that give your employees maximum flexibility and enable them to increase their productivity.

In order to make this possible and to be able to use the advantages, it is not enough to generously distribute smartphones and mobile devices to your employees. Your company needs the right applications that are suitable for this type of work, e.g. to be able to work on small displays or to cope with disconnections. This presents companies with completely new challenges. Processes have to be rethought and mobilized, because they cannot easily be transformed into a web application.

Our customers:


Setup and consulting for all standard Fiori applications

A new, optimized and more user-friendly era of SAP usage has begun!
CONSILIO takes care of your smooth entry into the new, mobile oriented world of SAP applications. Thanks to our many years of expertise and the necessary know-how, we manage this changeover in a targeted, thorough and clear manner. Make sure to implement Fiori applications on smartphones, tablets and desktops in an equally efficient and user-friendly way, thus increasing your productivity and efficiency in the long term.

Development and conception of customer-specific SAP UI5 solutions

Our UI5 experts extend existing solutions or develop completely individual interfaces to make your everyday life more authorization-centered, group-oriented and mobile.
Benefit from our many years of experience and work with us to develop a solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Use of alternative frameworks or native mobile apps

Nowadays there are powerful framework alternatives to the regular UI5 applications.
Through Angular and React development using the official UI5 WebComponents, even more individual applications can be developed. The UI5 framework does not provide this. 
Take the initiative together with CONSILIO and create your own individual application in the future!


With official Microsoft interfaces to new possibilities in the development for Office products.
Map your data records via SAP OData and new interface technology in Office products. 
CONSILIO works with you to develop an adequate solution and successfully implements it for you.

The CONSILIO service portfolio

To meet all your challenges, you need experience and technological know-how. CONSILIO has the ability to listen to your customers, understand them and develop the best solution together with them. The creation of the redesign requires a certain creativity. This is the only way to find the appropriate ways of technical implementation for the individual challenges of your company. There is a wide range of possibilities, because even in the SAP context there is a world beyond Fiori.

In addition to SAPUI5 and the Fiori Launchpad, cloud-based applications such as Angular Apps, Microsoft Office AddIns or native mobile apps are also available. Valid approaches can be used to bring your applications to the highest level of user experience. CONSILIO helps you to bring your user experience up to date and maximum usability. No matter if standard or individual. We find a suitable and future-proof solution for you and implement it at the highest level.

Create applications that give your employees maximum flexibility and increase their productivity. We support you in the selection and development of a suitable solution.

Darius Borecki, Senior Technology Consultant SAPCONSILIO GmbH

Create sustainable user experiences!

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