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Create feasible production schedules taking into account machine, personnel availability and other restrictions

The MRP method has been a widely used production planning method since the 1950s. However, the world has changed dramatically since then and customers today expect fast delivery of highly individualized products. The classic MRP generates production plans that cannot be implemented in this way in reality, because the availability of machines, personnel, production resources, etc. is not taken into account when scheduling planned orders and production orders. As a result, scheduling statements to customers on an MRP basis are very doubtful. Intelligent planning methods can be used to create production plans that take these circumstances into account. The orders are planned in such a way that the machine capacity, personnel capacity, production resources and other limiting resources are available for processing the order and not only the demand is covered. Thus, the calculated dates for planned and production orders are feasible in reality. The planner is relieved of routine work and can focus on exception handling.


  • Less inventory through integrated capacity and restriction management
  • Improved machine utilization through reduction of setup changes
  • Reduced throughput times thanks to multi-level order synchronization
  • Time and cost savings as cumbersome manual planning is eliminated
less inventory
improved machine utilization
Reduction of lead times

Our services

  • Analysis of the existing planning process including master data
  • Analysis and conception of the material flow and value stream
  • Development of a company-specific concept for restriction-based production and detailed planning
  • Definition of scheduling and planning parameters
  • Development of guidelines for master data maintenance
  • System settings, documentation, coaching of the specialist department in day-to-day business during start-up


  • Through our many years of experience in a large number of projects in the field of production and detailed planning, we very quickly understand your requirements and problems in the context of planning your production
  • With our business practice we can show you very quickly by means of concrete examples how an improvement of the production planning results, for example in the setup optimization or the tool availability.
  • CONSILIO supports you in optimizing existing practices and brings your planning into a holistic, intelligent and comprehensive solution.
  • Our experts support you in the introduction of integrated planning with their specialist knowledge and experience from a large number of projects in various industries.

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