DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner

The DELMIA Quinitq Company Planner helps you to keep track of your customer orders and production and warehouse capacities at all times

Use the DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner to improve customer satisfaction, delivery reliability and productivity by simplifying complex planning decisions and streamlining the entire planning process. You can do this by using a system that not only visualizes the impact of order acceptance on your capacities, continuously balances supply and demand across the supply chain and continuously updates the production schedule of your orders, but also shows your planner the most critical points in the planning process, ensuring maximum efficiency. Take advantage of our expertise in the area of supply chain management and ensure that you are always well prepared to meet the demanding requirements of your customers.

Good reasons for the DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner

What makes the DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner stand out?

The DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner provides you with an overview of your individual customer orders and available material and resource capacities at any point in the supply chain, eliminating avoidable bottlenecks in your production. The DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner provides the ability to automate dynamic replanning to respond to changing requirements and both internal and external influences. Take advantage of the versatile and flexible optimization algorithms of the DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner to be prepared for all events.

Your planning decisions

The planning decisions in your company are many and varied. With the DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner you can flexibly support these decisions, for example:

  • When and with which resources can customer orders be completed?
  • Are there enough contingents to accept new customer orders?
  • Are sufficient resources available to implement the production plan?
  • Can similar jobs for one or more process steps be grouped into batches to optimize the production plan?
  • Are there any changes or have unexpected events occurred that require an adjustment of the production plan?
  • What work instructions must be created to meet the customer's needs?
  • Are safety stocks covered or does part of the planned production have to be outsourced to meet customer requirements?
  • What is the utilization of the warehouse and buffer?

Goals of the DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner

  • Planning of orders according to the confirmed delivery dates
  • Improve the visibility of the supply chain for a single customer order
  • Allocation of unused inventory in the supply chain
  • Preparation of offers under consideration of the demand
  • Compliance with the specified safety stock levels
  • Management of bottlenecks that go along with orders
  • Reduction of throughput times without affecting the quality of the production plan
  • Selection of the most cost-effective procurement, transport and production paths


Would you like to learn how to optimally master the transition from long-term to short-term planning? In this webinar, we will show you examples of how you can use the DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner to keep your sales order management and material availability under control while reducing lead times.

DELMIA Quintiq Company Planner. Auftragsmanagement optimieren und Engpässe vermeiden

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