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Program and Project Management

Are you wondering how to achieve customized program and project management for the age of digitization? We can provide you with all the important answers.

We solve your challenges

Successfully plan programs and coordinate projects

  • With the advice of our experts, you will succeed in the strategic selection of projects that are to be combined in a project program.
  • Together with you, we plan realistic project start and end dates that can be achieved while taking resource availability into account.
  • Our experts support you in the operational allocation and coordinated control of budget and resources in the projects.
  • We are proficient in managing the interdependency of projects and help identify and eliminate bottlenecks and risks.
  • Take advantage of established standards and get quality assurance and implementation support.

Use our expertise for successful program planning and project coordination.


Meet the increasing demands on project management

  • With CONSILIO, you get from initiation to successful project completion in a goal-oriented manner and with extensive methodological knowledge, regardless of whether the project involves the development of a new product or the adaptation of the organizational structure within your company.
  • To ensure that cost optimization and sustainability aspects are equally taken into account, your project management focuses on clear communication structures, transparent coordination and value analyses.
  • We are proficient in standards such as PMI and at the same time attach importance to an individual adaptation of project management processes in line with customers' needs and requirements.
  • Traditional vs. modern: There are numerous and fundamentally different project management approaches. Our experienced experts will help you choose the approach that suits your project, so that you can safely face the complexity of the project.

Benefit from our expertise and meet the increasing project management requirements with confidence.


Make IT and digital processes a production and success factor

  • Our experts have years of experience in adapting, modernizing and networking IT systems. On this basis, we map your process requirements completely digitally.
  • With CONSILIO's support, you will safely manage the continuous development and operation of your IT systems while simultaneously meeting increasing quality requirements.
  • We show you how to keep the complexity of IT projects under control while involving different departments and specialists.

CONSILIO consultants digitize your processes to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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