Ensure material supply for production

Anyone who runs production in their own warehouse knows how important efficient and correct production supply is. The correct and punctual provision of materials is crucial for efficient and sustainable production. Only if production downtimes are avoided is it ensured that deliveries leave the warehouse on time, a high level customer satisfaction is maintained and resources are conserved. It is important to correctly map the provisioning processes, which can be individually designed depending on the system, the process complexity and the business characteristics and requirements. Meet your challenges and guarantee efficient production supply at all times.


  • Secure supply of production with all necessary components from the warehouse
  • Always the right quantity in the right place at the right time by using our own production supply strategies
  • Prevention of production bottlenecks due to missing production components
  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • No excess inventory in production supply areas 
more effective production provision
fewer production bottlenecks
Fewer overstocks

An extract of our projects.

Automotive supplier

Automotive supplier

Analysis of the existing production & supply processes

Conception & subsequent configuration of the material provisioning process

User & key user training


Traffic engineering company

Traffic engineering company

Redesign of the production provision process

Our services

  • Analysis of the existing production and provisioning processes
  • Conception and subsequent configuration of material provisioning
  • User and key user training
  • Configuration of all production-relevant logistics parameters
  • Optimization of provisioning by implementing the CONSILIO add-on solution for simplified production provisioning


  • Our experts support you with their expertise in the implementation of an intelligent warehouse solution and the experience from a large number of projects in various industries
  • CONSILIO brings best practice experience to your company and shows you which production provisioning models are best suited for you
  • We support you in conceptualizing and implementing customer-specific requirements and special processes to create a system-supported process that guarantees optimal warehouse operations

Guarantee efficient production supply!

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