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Merging of nonSAP systems & interfaces

Companies often have many CAQ or LIMS systems in use outside of SAP ERP. This leads to isolated solutions and slow processes that are susceptible to disruptions. As a result, holistic quality management cannot be ensured throughout all production steps. In addition, the support and maintenance of individual systems increases costs, burdens the capacities of your IT department and wastes resources. Benefit from a simplified system landscape and ensure proper consolidation of nonSAP systems and interfaces.


  • Less effort for the support of interfaces and systems
  • Use of quality data that is up-to-date at all times 
  • Creation of a central quality management system
  • Better evaluation options through the use of a central database
Less system maintenance effort
Higher quality data

Our services

  • Checking whether the functions of your systems can be replaced by SAP Quality Management
  • Transfer of CAQ and LIMS systems into your SAP system
  • Maintenance and updating of quality data
  • Creation of a central quality management system
  • Connection of CAQ and LIMS systems via interfaces to the leading SAP system


  • CONSILIO's experts check whether the functions of these systems can be replaced by SAP QM and then transfer your CAQ and LIMS systems to your SAP system.
  • We support you in maintaining and updating your quality data and create a central system for you. Save time and effort in the maintenance of interfaces and systems.
  • If you depend on your CAQ or LIMS systems, we connect them to the leading SAP system via interfaces.

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