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SmartWatch: The hands-free solution for the warehouse

Speed up processes, reduce errors and increase employee satisfaction with the SmartWatch

Well-functioning warehouse processes are the basis of efficient warehouse management. With the SmartWatch, picking and storage processes are accelerated, errors are reduced and employees are trained more quickly. The hands-free processes increase the efficiency of warehouse management and the satisfaction of warehouse employees.

If your warehouse workers use a scanner, many warehouse processes require them to put it down after a few scans to pick an item, pack an HU, or load the goods. These times add up and become hours at the end of the day. With a freehand scanning process, warehouse processes are simplified, resulting in faster operations: In the case of picking, the time saved is up to 40%. Employees also benefit from the hands-free solution in other processes such as ad hoc inventory: after scanning the storage location, they can start counting directly without having to put the scanner aside. The SmartWatch is attached to a gauntlet on the back of the hand and does not have to be put aside after the scanning process so that the employee can pick up an item, pack a handling unit or operate the forklift. Both hands therefore remain free throughout.

Benefits of the SmartWatch in the warehouse

  • Time savings in picking, loading, storage and retrieval, and stocktaking
  • Simple and clear process dialogs
  • Satisfied employees thanks to ergonomics and high wearing comfort of the SmartWatch
  • Scanning and input function of the SmartWatch
  • Process dialogs that can be customized to the company
  • Use of ITS Mobile content for the SmartWatch
  • Error reduction through simple process flows

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