SAP IBP for Inventory

Satisfied customers and low inventory - it is possible to achieve both!

In which areas should inventory be held and how much, so that delivery readiness levels towards customers are met, uncertainties are taken into account and inventory costs are minimized?

CONSILIO supports you in answering this question for your products and components. As part of an agile implementation, you use the dynamic, statistical approach of IBP for Inventory early on to optimize inventory across your entire supply chain. Uncertainties such as forecast errors, demand fluctuations and procurement uncertainties are taken into account.

Your inventory optimization process

  • Multistage inventory optimization across all areas of your supply chain
  • Optimize use of available inventory, improve service levels, and improve delivery performance
  • Perform what-if analysis to reconcile changing sales volumes and the impact on your safety stock and capital commitments


How supply chain management benefits from IT-based solutions

Current challenges for supply chain management, production planning and logistics

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Your Multistage Inventory Optimization

  • IBP for Inventory calculates your safety stock levels and overall inventory targets based on multi-level inventory optimization across your entire network and all BOM levels
  • Uncertainties are compensated by inventory at optimal locations, reducing your bull-hip effect
  • The basis of the optimization are stochastic algorithms

Ensure you meet your delivery readiness levels while minimizing inventory costs. We are happy to support your company with the necessary know-how and guarantee inventory optimization across your entire supply chain as part of an agile implementation.

Sebastian Held, Consultant SCM & IBPCONSILIO GmbH

CONSILIO IBP Potential Check

Make an appointment with our SAP IBP experts for a free potential check in preparation for your APO-IBP migration project. Together we look at your current system landscape and identify pain points and targets in the areas of demand, supply, S&OP and inventory planning. Based on this, we provide an initial recommendation for action.

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When planning with IBP for Inventory, you use a dynamic, statistical approach coupled with scenario analysis to build an optimal supply chain network and inventory planning. In this webinar, learn how to perform multistage inventory optimization across all areas of the supply chain, improve service levels and delivery performance, and reconcile changing sales volumes and their impact using what-if analyses.

Migration Guide

Your way to SAP IBP

In our guide, we show you everything about added value and migration strategies. Find out how companies can already take advantage of important benefits with SAP Integrated Business Planning today.

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