Comply with the relevant reporting requirements in the context of EU transactions

Within the European Union, your company does not have to pay customs duties when selling goods. You are only required to report transactions that take place across borders within the EU. These declarations are carried out as part of the INTRASTAT declaration, both as part of your purchases and your sales. It must be ensured that your declarations are maintained with correct data in the upstream system at all times. SAP Global Trade Services supports you in accurately documenting your inbound and outbound deliveries, filtering them according to the respective EU countries and creating a declaration directly in the system.
Use INTRASTAT reporting and ensure that you comply with the relevant reporting requirements correctly at all times in the context of your EU business and thus avoid penalties.


  • Secure and customs-compliant classification of the product range
  • Creation of correct INTRASTAT declarations directly in the SAP system
  • Dispatch of correct INTRASTAT declarations at any time
  • Avoidance of penalties by the EU

Our services

  • Ensuring classification at the right time within the framework of material maintenance
  • Securing of the INTRASTAT notification dispatch
  • Adaptation of the notification procedure to customer-specific developments in the upstream system


  • We enable your company to classify your product range securely and correctly under customs law. Within the framework of material maintenance, CONSILIO ensures classification at the right time.
  • Minimize risks and take advantage of the expertise of our competent consultants. Together with us, you can ensure that you send the correct INTRASTAT declarations at all times.

Comply with EU reporting requirements!

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