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SCM industry solution Mill

Supply chain planning for the mill industry

Due to the product configuration in the material master or during order entry, feature-based MRP is required in the mill industry. Product characteristics of finished products are passed on to the pre-production stages and, if necessary, derived via object dependencies.

Our S/4HANA solution for characteristic-based planning (CDP Characteristics Dependent Planning) makes it possible not only to include but also to exclude characteristics from planning via customizing if they are not to be considered due to customer-specific requirements.

SCM industry solution for feature-based planning:

  • Uniform and transparent planning philosophy across the entire supply chain
  • Analysis of business processes and key figures, optimization based on SAP standard software
  • Integration of feature-based planning into the embedded PP/DS in S/4HANA
  • Generation of feasible production plans taking into account capacities and restrictions
  • Customizing and, if necessary, exclusion of characteristics from planning if these are not to be taken into account due to customer-specific requirements
  • Predefined settings for master data, for characteristic-based user and planning profiles and preconfigured planning run

Rely on the right solution. Your advantages:

  • feasible production plans taking into account capacity and material availability as well as technical restrictions
  • Integrated, feature-based planning
  • Modification-free resource and detailed planning board extended by characteristic data for interactive planning
  • Increased adherence to schedules through early procurement, production and notification of the planner in case of exceptions
  • Increased productivity through setup optimization and continuous plant utilization
  • Reduced throughput times and inventories
  • Increased transparency through integrated, comprehensive processes
  • Avoidance of manual input errors through consistent master data

Do some or all of the following criteria apply to your company? Then this solution is exactly right for you!

Individual, stock or customer-related production based on characteristics, a high proportion of customer-specific requirements, small lots and configurable materials and configured preliminary stages, but which are handled by stock or collective requirements planning

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