Global Trade Services (SAP GTS)

Ensure consistent compliance with constantly changing legal and customs regulations thanks to SAP GTS

Use SAP GTS tools to comply with customs, tax and security regulations. Ensure that your logistics processes are fully integrated and secured. This can only succeed if your SAP GTS system is up to date with the latest content. Benefit from our practical experience and ensure that your company's legal security is guaranteed.

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SAP GTS comprises several SAP components. A GTS system developed especially for the needs of your company can be integrated into your existing SAP ERP system. The SAP GTS system enables you to use data from different SAP modules already existing in your company.

These include SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP LE, and SAP HCM. It can thus support documentation and processing throughout the entire logistics chain in your company. Thanks to SAP GTS, you can ensure consistent compliance with the constantly changing customs and foreign trade regulations.

GTS functionalities

The GTS Compliance Management module covers the following areas of compliance with international trade regulations:

  • Sanctions list check
  • Embargo check
  • Legal control in import and export

These GTS functionalities are used in almost every company today, but are often not properly integrated into the logistics chain. Often individual controls are not sharp enough or not audit-capable and are not used in your company. With CONSILIO you have found the right partner to raise your compliance checks to the necessary security level and to correctly identify yourself to the legislators. Take advantage of our experience and create a continuous compliance management in your company.


The Customs Management module supports your company in the automation and standardization of various import and export processes vis-à-vis customs authorities. Here is an overview of possible scenarios:

  • Import and export customs declaration
  • Inventory-based customs procedures
  • Transit procedure
  • Presentations
  • Movements of goods subject to excise duty

In many countries there are many regulations and notifications that must be taken into account when moving goods, whether importing or exporting. Together with CONSILIO, you have a partner who can advise you as an expert in every area of these procedures (ATLAS, customs warehouse handling, EMCS procedures, etc.) and implement the processes in your system integrated with the logistics processes.


The Risk Management module helps you to hedge financial risks during foreign trade activities and offers the following scenarios

  • Preference Calculation
  • Letters of credit processing
  • Export refund

These SAP GTS modules are rather rarely used functions that are deployed by companies. The exception here is long-term supplier management. Here CONSILIO offers you, due to its many years of experience, the necessary support to achieve an advantage for your company through these modules. This includes above all lower import duties of your customers and a lower financial risk. Particularly in these areas, care and experience is required to integrate the full services of the individual modules into your company.


Intra-European flows of goods are recorded on a country-specific basis and reported through the internal market of the European Union. With this module, you can make the necessary declarations for INTRASTAT for your company.
At the same time, your company often has a number of to-do's. This happens for example due to missing tariff classifications of company products. It is crucial for the long-term success of your company to handle these to-do's. CONSILIO can actively support you in this process and provide assistance based on many years of experience.


Our customers:

The CONSILIO GTS solution

You do not have a suitable system in your company for customs and foreign trade? Or do you use several external systems to comply with customs regulations? No problem!
CONSILIO's experts develop and implement a custom-fit GTS system, individually adapted to the needs of your company. We integrate this solution into your already existing SAP system landscape and ensure a smooth workflow. Existing GTS systems are updated by us. We set up your GTS system according to your logistical needs and adapt the system to the individual challenges of your company. CONSILIO carries out this process either remotely or on-site directly at the customer's premises. With the necessary expertise, our experts carry out the conversion of your GTS system based on an S/4HANA pre-system. During the transformation, our employees make sure that all relevant functions are transferred to the new platform.

In global trade, new legal requirements are regularly imposed on your company. We support your company in complying with all compliance requirements and ensure your legal conformity.

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