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Real time and on the fly reporting in SAP ERP

With the move from SAP ERP to the new S/4HANA platform, SAP is introducing a new architecture for analyzing stored data. The Virtual Data Model builds on the new HANA tables and enables new reporting possibilities on S/4HANA through a large network of virtual data models. For example, procedures from the business warehouse environment are brought to the ERP platform. With these, it is possible for end and key users to run reporting more efficiently and in a more goal-oriented manner. Meet the challenges and guarantee real time and on-the-fly reporting. Ensure that your SAP GUI reports continue to work under SAP S/4HANA and that you do not have to perform correct reporting exclusively via Fiori and embedded analytics.


  • No business warehouse transfer necessary for the evaluation of operational data
  • Real time analyses of the posted data in the ERP system are possible at any time
  • Use of pivot table functionalities for operational data
  • Generation of simple Excel exports
  • Very good integration into the Fiori Launchpad
  • Multidimensional reporting
  • Extended functionalities for key users
  • Many configuration options for end users

Our services

  • Analysis of the requirements of operational reporting in finance
  • Identification of relevant tools, functions and transactions
  • If required, enhancement of existing views and data models
  • Introduction to relevant Fiori apps
  • Definition of reporting strategy and target architectures
  • End- and key-user support in dealing with reporting on S/4HANA


  • We support you with our certified Fiori know-how in the introduction of all relevant Fiori Apps and ensure the integration into the Fiori Launchpad.
  • Our SAP experts support you with their expertise in defining the reporting strategy and target architectures. Use real time analyses and multidimensional reporting.
  • CONSILIO supports end and key users with the experience from successful FICO projects in dealing with reporting on S/4HANA and ensures that extended functionalities are used.

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