S/4HANA Embedded Analytics

The new reporting options in S/4HANA Finance

The requirements for reporting in accounting have changed significantly in recent years: Digitalization, mobile devices and a new generation of users. In addition, the number of data to be evaluated has increased massively. S/4HANA Embedded Analytics addresses these new requirements and expands the possibilities for your

operational reporting in financial accounting. With S/4HANA Embedded Analytics, SAP offers a BI-independent option for evaluating operational and transactional data directly from the ERP system - in real time and on the fly.

Embedded Analytics

The introduction of the Universal Journal (Table ACDOCA) opens up many new options for reporting in S/4HANA.

With the launch of S/4HANA Embedded Analytics, SAP provides completely new options for real-time reporting. The new technology is based on functionalities that users are already familiar with from the SAP Business Warehouse environment.

This means that operational and transactional data in the financial environment can not only be evaluated and analyzed much more successfully, but also more efficiently. S/4HANA Embedded Analytics is an integrated component in all current S/4HANA Business Suites. It is available both on-premise and on-cloud. To enable the extended functionalities, S/4HANA Embedded Analytics uses the new Virtual Data Model technology in S/4HANA.

Advantages for your company

In the classic ERP environment, there are only a few options available to your company to quickly adapt reports, perform totals and sort financial reports quickly and easily. In the classic BW environment, you already have possibilities to make your reporting relatively simple. However, you must wait until the data is loaded from the ERP.


The data is therefore never completely up-to-date. With S/4HANA embedded analytics this problem is now a thing of the past. Transactional data can be analyzed immediately and without delay - real time and on the fly - and used in reports. SAP also provides new tools and Fiori Apps. These can be used by you on the most diverse end devices.


The new SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics offers your company many advantages:

  • No Business Warehouse transfer to evaluate operative data
  • Real time analysis of the booked data in the ERP system is possible at any time
  • Use of pivot tables Functionalities for operational data
  • Simple Excel exports
  • Very good integration into the Fiori Launchpad
  • Multidimensionales Reporting
  • Extended functionalities for key users
  • Many setting options for end users

The Virtual Data Model

The Virtual Data Model is a structured representation of the HANA database that underlies all S/4HANA systems. Data from different tables is linked and made available with the help of Core Data Services.

The Virtual Data Model is based on tables within the HANA database at its lowest level. Individual Basic Views are used to read data from the tables. In composite views, these data are brought into the desired relation to each other. Consumption views are used to make this combined data available for further use, such as S/4HANA Embedded Analytics Apps. With the S/4HANA Business Suite, SAP provides a wide range of standard views. Additional views can also be created based on views that have already been delivered. These extension views allow you to extend the delivered standard SAP content and adapt it to your individual needs.

It can take into account customer-specific fields and tables as well as specific logics with which you want to extend your operational reporting in order to optimally implement your customer requirements.

Standard content is extended in such a way that you retain all the benefits of the standard S/4HANA Embedded Analytics apps. To make views available for S/4HANA Embedded Analytics Apps, they must be created as analytical views.

In addition to the S/4HANA Embedded Analytics apps, the views of the Virtual Data Model can also be used by other components:

  • ABAP Repository Objects
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Development of own Fiori applications
  • Non-SAP services that consume Odata services

The key user functionalities of S/4HANA Embedded Analytics

S/4HANA Embedded Analytics also opens up many new possibilities for your key users. Using standard tools, key users can now create new reports, fiori apps and dashboards for end users. This means that the reporting portfolio in your company can be specifically adapted. It is possible to browse all analytical and non-analytical

views through the View Browser and to view the structure and its table accesses. For analytical views the content, i.e. the result of the query, can be displayed. Key users can create their own reporting apps within the SAP Fiori Launchpad via smart business modeling apps. KPIs are the central entity of these apps.

KPIs can be created and analyzed using the following smart business modeling apps

  • Create KPI
  • Create evaluation
  • Create tile
  • Configure Drilldown
  • Manage KPI links
  • KPI Workspace

Ask yourself the following questions frequently in your company:

  • How do we manage to determine the pain points?
  • Where is operational reporting missing in our company?
  • Which reports were developed with SAP tools?
  • Which reports were created in Excel?

You as a customer have specific requirements - for example, many customer-specific fields and special reporting requirements. There are many new possibilities to derive data from the posting material

and to serve accounting regulations or other legal requirements and to flexibly map different hierarchies. Various functions are no longer available in S/4HANA and must be replaced.

The experts at CONSILIO are happy to support you:

  • Analysis of the requirements of operational reporting in financial accounting
  • Identification of relevant tools and transactions
  • Structure and mapping of the data models
  • Fiori Apps

Every project of the FI/CO department of your company must deal with the possibilities of S/4HANA Embedded Analytics in order not to lose touch with the competition. CONSILIO has already been working with this tool very successfully for several customers.

We help you to identify relevant functions, support you with data models and the structure of the views. This is operational reporting, not BW. Your company needs help implementing the new possibilities offered by S/4HANA Embedded Analytics? Then do not hesitate any longer!

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