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Deploy quality management flexibly along the entire logistics chain

Functioning quality management within the complete logistics chain is of utmost relevance. Only in this way can you ensure that you meet the high quality demands of your customers and achieve competitive advantages. Optimal quality management starts with the selection of suitable suppliers, continues with production and ends with the delivery of products to the customer or with customer service. Meet the challenges and use SAP quality management flexibly along your entire logistics chain to guarantee consistent quality in the long term.


  • Quality checks throughout the entire production process
  • Always up-to-date data
  • Use of a standardized system
  • Implementation of quality management functions at goods receipt, in production as well as maintenance and distribution
  • Innovative solution for the integration of SAP quality management based on best practices
  • Effective quality management along the entire logistics chain
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Introduction of Global Batch Traceability to extend transparency across the entire supply chain.

Introduction of batches for the complete traceability of goods

Our services

  • Developing an innovative solution for integrating SAP quality management into your processes
  • Provision of the most important SAP quality management functions in production, logistics and maintenance
  • Analysis of your logistics processes for the meaningful use of SAP quality management at the appropriate points


  • CONSILIO ensures that you can access quality management functions at goods receipt, in production, and in maintenance, and thus use quality inspections in the entire process or in process sections
  • Thanks to the cross-module and cross-industry know-how of CONSILIO experts, you benefit from innovative solutions for integrating SAP QM into your processes

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