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Full transparency in the order to invoice process

Companies need to quickly identify problems in their order-to-incoice process. This is the only way to avoid overall delays, dissatisfied customers and thus additional costs due to problems that are detected too late or not at all.
In SAP ECC, the current status of a customer order cannot be viewed centrally. This requires the integration of several resources. Several transactions are thus required per process area to obtain a complete picture of the status of the order to invoice process. Face the challenges of digitalization and use FIORI Apps in the future to get a transparent and central overview and prevent recurring problems in the long run.


  • Transparent and central insights into order-to-invoice processes through standard FIORI apps
  • Quick recognition and action
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Stable order-to-invoice processes
  • Fewer corrective interventions due to increased process reliability

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Order-to-invoice process design for holding transactions

Intercompany sales process for holding transactions

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  • Analysis of the ACTUAL processes
  • Identification of improvements
  • Implementation support of new standard solution from S/4HANA Sales
  • Process design
  • Use of new FIORI Sales Apps

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