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Focus on sales processes and customer needs

Long-term satisfied customers and efficient, transparent internal sales processes are among the most important guarantors for sustainable corporate success. Use innovative solutions in all phases of sales and sales processes, align CRM software optimally to your and your customers' needs and thus achieve a lead over your competitors.
International trade and the great flexible availability of resources, both people as labor and the end product in sales, have increased the pressure on companies in recent years to intensify customer loyalty. True customer loyalty is hard to maintain and much harder to win! For a company in the sales area it is important to improve exactly along this challenge. Not only with own resources in the sales team, but above all by eliminating weaknesses in the process. Take advantage of CONSILIO's expertise in sales processing and optimise your sales processes together with us. 

We solve your challenges

Backorder processing of customer orders

Ensure orders are not lost or forgotten and avoid associated delays that negatively impact customer satisfaction.

Optimize availability checks

Optimally align your availability processes and thus guarantee fast feedback to your customers and reliable information about delivery dates.

Improve pre-sales business processes

Experience and Operational Data opens up new potential for your company to prevail over competitors in the long term. Guarantee successful business relationships in the long term and increase your sales.

Full transparency in the order-to-invoice process

Face the challenges of digitalization and use FIORI apps in the future to get a transparent and central overview of your order-to-invoice processes and prevent recurring problems in the long run.

Embedded Analytics for Sales

With Embedded Analytics in SAP S/4HANA SD, SAP delivers a combination of new technologies and analytical tools that enable real-time evaluation directly in the operational sales management system.

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Our customers:

The CONSILIO service portfolio

  • We analyze your company-specific requirements in the areas of Sales & Distribution
    (SAP SD and LE)
  • CONSILIO's experts align your system landscape specifically to these requirements
  • Our experienced consultants analyze your sales and delivery processes and identify potential for improvement
  • CONSILIO carries out a full implementation, both new and redesigned


  • Our experienced employees analyze your company-specific requirements in the areas of Customer Relationship Management
  • We align your system landscape specifically to your individual requirements. This is done both on-promise and in the cloud.
  • We conduct an integrative analysis of the entire process chain from C/4HANA to S/4HANA in your company.


Take advantage of CONSILIO Application Management Services!
Ensure fast response times and a high level of planning and operational reliability for your company. Guarantee compliance with your internal system response times in the areas of sales, distribution and shipping. Thanks to CONSILIO AMS either on premise or in the cloud.


We align your sales solution optimally to your needs. Create efficient and transparent sales processes and guarantee sustainable business success. Always achieve a lead over your competitors.

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Focus on sales processes
& Customer needs!

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