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Sustainable solutions require modern technologies!

The constant and ever more complex demands on modern and future-oriented software solutions require more and more competence and an ever higher degree of quality in development. This can only be achieved if the existing and proven technologies and concepts are understood, applied and keywords such as DevOps and CI/CD are fully understood.

For many years, SAP solutions were single, monolithic blocks and had little "contact to the outside world" except for night jobs and IDOC interfaces. This has changed. Mobile apps, cloud solutions and distributed systems will continue to contribute to a positive change. The question is, how can a stable software landscape be guaranteed in such complex landscapes?

How can you ensure in your company that changes to a process A do not lead to errors in process B? How can test efforts be reduced? How do you behave when a user no longer clicks on a report, but has to test it across many systems? But in your system, end-to-end tests are no longer possible due to different software versions. We have the right answers to these questions for you!

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Design Patterns are proven solution templates. They have their origin in the architecture of buildings. Suspension bridges, arch bridges or beam bridges never look one hundred percent the same. Depending on the challenge, an architect chooses the appropriate solution instead of thinking about the problem completely new each time. These principles have become an important quality feature for the design of software. For recurring problems, proven templates and strategies are used. This increases quality and reduces implementation and maintenance efforts.

Unit tests are an essential component in the development of modern and complex applications. Through programmed tests of individual components, not every small change to the software requires a detailed test. The functionality can be tested directly by automated tests of single logic components of the software. This way, errors are detected as early as possible, maintenance costs are reduced and agile changes can be made without fear of side effects.

Modern tools are necessary to be able to draw from the full. With the help of established professional tools such as Eclipse ADT and the SAP WebIDE, we implement your SAP S/4HANA requirements at the highest and most modern level. Together with you, we select the tools that fit your requirements and support you in every step of the integration. Thanks to the necessary expertise, CONSILIO successfully implements the introduction within the shortest possible time.


Reusable business logic with automated tests are the goal of modern development methods. Through clean encapsulation with the right design patterns, CONSILIO is able to deliver optimally fitting and easily understandable software. Our software developments can be put to the test with automated tests at any time. The aim is to ensure that our developments can be modified with minimal risk, customer-specific and individual. Our knowledge of the industry and the necessary practical experience in dealing with solutions such as OPA, ABAP Unit and the test management of the SAP Solution Manager help to implement your individual requirements.
A frequently used keyword is DevOps. This only provides a framework and can only be made possible and successfully implemented if the software is of the appropriate quality.

We support you in every project step and during your software development. CONSILIO has the necessary knowledge about clean code, automated tests - whether front-end or back-end -, the right architecture for your requirements and clean code with the help of the right tools such as SAP ATC. In our developments we attach great importance to the compliance with valid guidelines like the SAP Clean Code Guide or the recommendations for action of the DSAG.

Take advantage of our experience and ensure the smooth implementation and error-free operation of your application through clean software development

Set up your company future-oriented and remain capable of acting. We create individual software solutions with the latest technologies and high-quality in-house development that perfectly fit your company.

Darius Borecki, Senior Technology Consultant SAPCONSILIO GmbH

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