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More efficiency for accounts receivable and accounts payable

With the changeover to S/4HANA, the use of SAP Business Partner becomes mandatory. In a brownfield approach, the conversion of accounts payable and accounts receivable to Business Partner is therefore mandatory either as part of the S/4 project or already as a preliminary project in the ECC system. The use of the Business Partner in S/4HANA also brings some innovations and advantages. Face the challenges of a Business Partner conversion and thus create more efficiency for your accounts receivable and accounts payable in the long term.


  • The maintenance of redundant data is no longer necessary
  • Only one transaction is required
  • A legally independent company is created as a business partner and can be a supplier and customer at the same time
  • More transparent knowledge about business relationships
  • Addresses can be maintained on a time-dependent basis and relocations can be stored
  • Several addresses can be assigned to each business partner

An excerpt of our Finance & Controlling projects.



Creation of the BP concept

Determination of the business partner roles

Definition of the Customer Vendor Integration



Creation of the BP concept

Implementation of the BP concept

Our services

  • Activation of the Business Partner on your SAP system
  • Technical preparation of Business Partner conversion
  • Technical conversion:
    • 1:1 conversion of all necessary master data
    • Implementation of corrections during operation
  • Conversion with harmonization:
    • Consistency check of master data
    • Option to link customers and suppliers with the same entity
      Duplicate check


  • Our experts support you with the necessary expertise in your Business Partner Conversion, ensuring transparent knowledge of business relationships
  • CONSILIO carries out the technical preparation of the Business Partner Conversion with the necessary care and activates the business partners on your SAP system.
  • With our experience from various Business Partner Conversion projects, we advise you on whether a technical conversion or a conversion through harmonization makes sense for your company.

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