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In a time of increasing surveillance of the flow of goods and money, terrorism and threats, the protection, security and legal compliance of your company must always be guaranteed

In global trade, new legal requirements are regularly added for companies worldwide, both in import and export. Legal regulations for domestic business are also applied.
Take advantage of CONSILIO's expertise in the field of customs & foreign trade processing and optimise your customs & foreign trade processes together with us. Create a comprehensive mapping of the areas customs clearance, risk management and compliance management in every step of your logistics chain. Use SAP GTS or International Trade, the tool for effective processing in customs & foreign trade.


Complying with customs and foreign trade regulations is of paramount importance for your company. Legal requirements regarding customs regulations must be met at all times.
CONSILIO ensures compliance with the different laws and regulations worldwide and supports you in passing your customs and WuP audits. With our help you can create a customs and law-abiding process throughout all stages of the logistics chain and avoid penalties or worse penalties by the legislator. Establish your customs and foreign trade in a legally compliant and secure manner at all times. 

We solve your challenges

Securing logistics chains in terms of customs & criminal law

Prevent business with business partners on sanctions lists and guarantee that your authorized economic operator (AEO) status is maintained.

Optimize logistics processes with regard to customs-relevant declarations

Carry out your customs declarations yourself in the future and use different customs procedures. Reduce your costs and benefit from competitive advantages over your competitors.

Using advantages in the sales process as a competitive advantage

Benefit from the preferential eligibility of certain materials and secure advantages in the sales process and improved market access.

Comply with the relevant reporting requirements in the context of EU transactions

Use INTRASTAT reporting and ensure that you correctly comply with the relevant reporting requirements at all times in the context of your EU business and thus avoid penalties.

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In global trade, new legal requirements are regularly imposed on your company. We support your company in following all compliance requirements and ensure your legal conformity.

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