Inventory planning

The right stock in the right place at the right time? Inventory reduction with a simultaneous increase in delivery reliability is not a conflict of objectives, but the goal of coordinated inventory planning. 

Particularly in complex supply chains, coordinated inventory planning is the core instrument for ensuring high delivery capability through short-term availability of end products on the one hand, while keeping inventory values to a minimum on the other.

Many influencing factors in inventory optimization are related to the hedging of uncertainties. For example, fluctuations in demand caused by short-term increases in customer requirements, imprecise delivery date commitments by suppliers, fluctuating transport times for internal stock transfers, and many others. As a prerequisite for the introduction of system-optimized inventory planning, such uncertainties that cannot be reduced must therefore also be identified and evaluated in planning terms. As a result of inventory planning, inventory recommendations are determined for the entire logistics chain and integrated into the demand planning process.

Functionalities of the inventory planning

  • With the help of MRP (Material Requirement Planning), which is integrated in SAP, you can carry out requirements planning on schedule
  • The provision of materials for production or distribution should be ensured
  • All of your company's documents are included in the planning process
    • Customer orders
    • Production orders
    • Requirements from production orders, etc.
  • Your needs are covered or proposals are generated taking into account the individual production times
  • By using internal company documents, for example from production or sales, your correct requirement quantity is determined
  • In the case of multi-level production, the requirements are passed on to all MRP levels, so that requirements that are not immediately apparent are also shown
  • This provides you with an improved overview and situation-based demand monitoring
  • All portfolio-relevant movements are taken into account:
    • Production additions
    • Deliveries to customers
    • Inventory, etc.
  • By using the DDMRP you can access the latest technology in material planning
  • Cyclical production planning and equalization of your supply chain reduce the bullwhip effect
  • Creation of a feasible production (time) plan that is optimized for you by applying cyclical, conversion-oriented and demand-oriented planning principles
  • Use variability management or production stabilization with reliable demand and supply ages
  • Priority setting or consideration of priority rules in your planning

Take advantage of the benefits of inventory planning

  • The right material in the right place at the right time
  • Inventory reduction with simultaneous increase of your delivery reliability
  • Overarching transparency across your entire supply chain network


We support you with our know-how in the development of a coordinated inventory planning and thus guarantee transparency across your entire supply chain.

Philipp Schneider, Solution Consultants SCMCONSILIO GmbH

Our services for you

  • Preparing your master data
  • Setup of the MRP and necessary customizing
  • Support in productive process
  • Support for updates and new revisions
  • Analysis of your demand situation and development of perfect demand covers
  • Analysis of the factors influencing your inventory planning and the responsibilities within the company
  • Conception of a comprehensive inventory planning model
  • Support of your inventory planning through planning procedures in SAP and non-SAP solutions
  • Definition of a location-dependent safety stock level

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