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23 June 2022

Strategic partnership with Optiwiser: CONSILIO meets KI

Together with the Munich-based start-up Optiwiser, SAP Gold Partner CONSILIO adapts SAP solutions even better to customer needs.
[Translate to English:] Bildquelle: Optiwiser
[Translate to English:] Bildquelle: Optiwiser

The SAP Gold Partner CONSILIO, based in Dornach near Munich, has entered into a strategic partnership with the start-up Optiwiser A.I. Solutions from Munich. The new partner offers companies - bundled in the supply chain cloud solution "Predictwiser.Cloud" - access to state-of-the-art technologies for supply chain and operations management. The big advantage: no deep understanding of analytics, artificial intelligence or supply chain management is necessary. With this partnership, CONSILIO once again demonstrates its future-oriented, progressive focus: to combine the best SAP solutions with the latest technologies and thus find a customised answer to the challenges of its customers.

Georg Klinger, Partner, Senior SCM Architect, CONSILIO GmbH

Optiwiser's Predictwiser.Cloud complements our SAP portfolio perfectly, as the fully automated software is driven by state-of-the-art AI technology. This enables our customers to determine the exact demand and optimal stock levels - without AI or supply chain experts in the team.

Georg Klinger, Partner, Senior SCM ArchitectCONSILIO GmbH
Maximilian Köhler, Co-founder & CSO, Optiwiser A.I. Solutions GmbH

Through our partnership with CONSILIO, we are able to embed our AI-based demand planning and inventory management tool into a comprehensive system and offer our customers a fully comprehensive supply chain management solution. This enables every customer to use state-of-the-art AI technology without having to do without the established functions of SAP.

Maximilian Köhler, Co-founder & CSOOptiwiser A.I. Solutions GmbH