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Align your IT optimally with the needs of your company and derive the greatest possible benefit

It is essential for companies to formulate a clear IT strategy derived from the business strategy and to pursue it in a targeted manner. This can be seen not only in the reduction of IT risks or the achievement of investment security, but also in the long-term assurance of a high value contribution of IT to the success of the company. With the development from a support function to an IT service organization that is always able to provide the right services to optimally support business processes, IT is taking on a significant role as a production factor. A clear IT strategy provides the framework for management and indicates the scope and

direction of future action to achieve long-term business goals. It defines the design and architecture of IT and the delivery of IT services. Along the value-added chain, there is hardly a business unit that can do without information technology. In the area of conflict between competing requirements, it is necessary to derive an IT strategy tailored to the business. Organization, processes, application landscape as well as infrastructure and use of technology must be optimally aligned with the business-critical success factors in their interaction.

CONSILIO supports you in the following areas:

  • Determination of situation:
    • Actual state analysis
    • Requirements
  • IT Strategy Development
    • Development plan
    • Roadmap
    • IT-Organisation
  • IT Strategy Implementation
    • Projects
    • Governance
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