Solving conflicts constructively

Disagreements and misunderstandings are commonplace in professional life and usually easy to resolve. However, when internal conflicts harden and escalate to such an extent that the parties are no longer able to find a way out on their own, mediation can be used to find a solution acceptable to all sides.

Find the way out of a dead end

Mediation is a structured procedure for constructive conflict resolution in which independent third parties accompany the conflict parties in their solution process. The parties are instructed to reach an agreement that meets the needs and interests of both sides. The mediation is absolutely confidential. Implementation and agreement can only take place on a voluntary basis. The mediator as a non-partisan third party does not make any own decisions regarding the

conflict, but is only responsible for the procedure. By means of structuring questions, he supports the parties involved in finding a balanced solution to their conflict - a solution with which all parties involved agree and are permanently satisfied. Whether and in what form the mediator himself/herself proposes solutions in terms of content varies depending on the type and goal of the mediation.

Our experts support you in particular in the following steps:

  • Order clarification
  • Collection of topics and positions/points of view
  • Development and evaluation of solution options
  • Final agreement

Conflict competence instead of wasting resources - your advantages:

  • Balanced and efficient conflict resolution
  • Saving energy, time and costs
  • Constructive, sustainable results
  • Maintenance or restoration of internal relationships
  • A future-oriented solution acceptable to all parties
  • Increase of operational productivity through constructive conflict resolution
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The mediator accompanies your conflicting parties to discuss and understand their points of view, to recognize the core of the conflict fairly and quickly and to work together to find a balanced solution that is acceptable to all sides.

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Solve conflicts constructively.

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