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Project Review

Gain valuable insights for future project phases and follow-up projects

A project review is used to revisit a completed project or a completed phase of an active project. The aim is to learn from the experience gained for future projects or phases.

The project review deals with the strengths and positive aspects as well as the weaknesses and negative aspects. In ongoing projects, a project review is carried out in the event of current problems or at previously defined milestones and quality gates to ensure that the project remains within the anticipated framework. The results of a project review and the measures derived from them are documented in order to make them available to both those

involved in the project and those not involved.
In order that project improvements can be evaluated not only qualitatively but also quantitatively, as many subject areas and quality characteristics as possible are summarized in metrics. Here, (standardized) checklists simplify the project review considerably. They make the analysis reproducible and comparable.

CONSILIO supports you in particular with the following services:

  • Provision of checklists
  • Conducting the reviews
  • Analysis of the results
  • Development of measures to optimize subsequent projects and project phases

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