Knorr-Bremse / Redesign of sales processes

Successful optimization and harmonization of sales and logistics processes as the basis for the transformation to S/4HANA.
For the business of Rail Vehicle Systems

To the Quick Facts

Existing, complex sales and logistics processes meant that both the maintenance and operation of SAP processes at Knorr-Bremse were resource- and time-intensive. This affected direct sales, cross-company processing, third-party business, consignment processing and project business. This was aggravated by a lack of documentation, which led to non-transparent settings and processes in sales and logistics. With the implementation of the redesign, both the IT and the business departments have succeeded in optimizing processes.


At the same time, their stability has been significantly increased, and above all, system failures have been eliminated! In addition, the transparency of processes and technical developments has been significantly improved. Many extensions have been replaced by the use of SAP standard and thus the sales process has been sustainably streamlined. The increased transparency will also ensure much easier maintenance of SAP-supported processes in the future.