12 August 2022

FIORI: Sales Order Fulfillment Issues

Capture the status of order processing at a glance - whether in the entire order processing chain or in your own area. The Fiori app "Fulfillment of customer orders" provides an overview of any problems that arise and allows rapid intervention and continuous optimization of processes.

Problems in customer order fulfillment can occur again and again. There are a large number of potential stumbling blocks on the way from the creation of the customer order to the customer invoice. In order to be able to avoid these as far as possible, clean and practiced processes as well as transparent interdepartmental communication are indispensable. However, if problems do occur, swift action is required. This requires reliable tools that provide information at an early stage and make all necessary information available. The Fiori app "Fulfillment of customer orders" does just that: an overview of documents that are overdue, grouped by problem areas such as "delivery problem", "shipping problem" and others - for a meaningful display and targeted problem solving.

First information even before you start

The app "Sales Order Fulfilment Issues" is a tool that has only become possible in Fiori and for which there was no comparable solution in the GUI world. Directly in the tile on the overview page, the user sees a real-time preview of the number of errors, grouped thematically. Thus, even before starting the app, it is apparent whether or where there are problems to be solved.

The top three problem types and the number of affected documents are displayed in the tile. For example, if a goods issue could not be carried out as planned because a truck was late, this becomes a problem and is visible in the app. The data can be reloaded at any time via the refresh button to show any changes.

Respond to problems in a targeted way

The user finds a detailed display when opening the app: In contrast to the display in the app tile, all problems are listed here with corresponding documents. If you prefer to work with bar charts, you can change the view by clicking on the upper right button "Chart view".

The list output shows how big the current delay is for the affected process step. Furthermore, information about the sales document and the identified problem is displayed. Here, the user can jump to any document to fix the problem or gather more information and plan the necessary actions to solve the problem. Once a document is resolved, the user can use the "Back" button to return to the overview.

Thanks to the grouping by problem type, the process owner can see at a glance which areas are particularly prone to errors and can get to the bottom of the causes in a targeted manner. This helps not only to rectify the current problems as quickly as possible, but also to uncover optimization potential.

In addition to the analytical function, the app also offers the option of mass changes. For example, all items in customer orders can be cancelled or delivery or billing blocks can be removed.

Part of a positive user experience in Fiori is data visualization. The results list in the lower part of the screen is visualized in the upper part as a ring diagram. By clicking on a specific area of the diagram, this area is also used for filtering.

Problem solving support

The following fields are defined as problems in the system:

In Sales Order:

  • Incomplete data
  • Delivery block
  • Credit block
  • Trade compliance issue
  • Unconfirmed quantities
  • Procurement problem to drop shipment
  • Delivery problem
  • Billing block

In Invoice:

  • Billing block


In Delivery:

  • Incomplete data
  • Dispatch block
  • Credit block
  • Trade compliance problem
  • Shipping problem
  • Billing problem

In Procurement:

  • Purchasing problem
  • Production problem


With this app, SAP offers a helpful tool that can be used to identify problems at an early stage and increase customer satisfaction. It also offers the possibility of recognizing recurring problems and getting to the bottom of the cause. Measures can be taken to eliminate weak points in the process. Nevertheless, recurring problems can mean a delay in delivery, which can have a negative impact on the relationship with the customer. If something like this is unavoidable, the app can still help with damage control. Although solving and avoiding problems is clearly the main focus, informing the customer in good time and sending the associated signal that you are working on it can already make a big difference and still keep a customer relationship on a positive track.

On the way from the creation of a sales order to the billing, problems can occur again and again. In order to be able to react to these quickly, SAP offers a reliable tool in the form of the Fiori app "Fulfillment of sales orders", which gives early indications and provides all the necessary information.

Nicolas Voll, Consultant SAP SD CONSILIO GmbH Contact the expert

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