Interim Management

Effective means to fill management positions in the project environment or in the line organization at short notice

There are always phases in the life cycle of a company in which the classic management functions do not or only insufficiently take effect. In these cases, interim management can be an effective means of filling management positions in the project environment or in the line organization at short notice.

Interim managers assume responsibility for the results of their work in a line position. They leave the company as soon as the problem is solved and a stable new company or divisional management is established.

In addition to professional expertise and soft skills such as social competence, communication skills and willingness to learn, good interim managers also possess in-depth knowledge of change management.

Typical applications for interim managers are temporary projects with a clearly defined beginning and end:

  • Projects outside the daily business of the employees
  • Projects whose requirements exceed the existing management capacity or expertise
  • Projects in which the existing management capacity or expertise is not to be used
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Does your company need first-class, professional and industry-competent temporary management support?
We are there for you! Whether for a short or medium-term personnel bridging of management vacancies: With our know-how we ensure a smooth transition until the management position is filled again.

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CONSILIO supports you particularly in the following core areas:

  • Transformation Management
  • Reviews und Assessments
  • Risk Management

Your advantages through temporary management:

  • Speed - often an application is possible within a few days
  • Experience - Interim managers are experts in their field
  • Knowledge transfer - interim managers have comprehensive expertise due to their previous professional and project experience
  • Objectivity - Interim managers come from outside and assess situations and projects impartially
  • Consulting and more - interim managers are available as consultants, but also work operationally

Do you have projects, special topics or representations to fill?

We solve operational management and transformation tasks for you.

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