Quality assurance (Control)

Active, structured and consistent quality assurance from initiation to project completion

It is a goal of companies to successfully implement their strategy and the programs and projects derived from it with the help of capable, knowledgeable and experienced employees - and often with external support.

Every project is confronted with a multitude of challenges during its course. For this reason, an active, structured and consistent quality assurance is essential to bring a project to a successful go-live. Often the criticality of projects is underestimated in the internal view, i.e. by the project team.

    In particular, complexity and implications beyond the boundaries of a project are not considered. This is usually a creeping process that is perceived too late or not at all. Our goal is to establish a learning organization in which the overall system is permanently stabilized according to the principles of transparency, review and adaptation.

    The experts at CONSILIO support you in particular with the following services:

    Your advantages at a glance:

    • Systematic project improvement through review of project phases, projects and solutions
    • Mediation to solve internal conflicts
    • Improvements and savings through project consolidation
    • First-class, professional and industry competent management support through interim management
    • Availability of reference data and substantiated statements through a benefit analysis
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    For the successful execution of complex projects, an active, structured and consistent quality assurance, with which the project is systematically accompanied from initiation to completion, is indispensable.

    Gerd Kanzleiter, IT-ManagementCONSILIO GmbH

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