Project consolidation

According to the Latin "consolidare", project consolidation serves to "strengthen" important IT projects

Projects and their manageability can be improved by separating or combining dynamically changing projects and by adapting the project setup. The suspension of uneconomical and unsuccessful projects makes it possible to free up previously tied up resources for high-priority projects.
The one-time streamlining of the project portfolio allows for short-term improvements and savings.

However, for long-term optimization of the project landscape and for permanent savings, the establishment of a continuous project portfolio management is recommended. Our consultants help you to evaluate the priority and performance of projects. We support you in identifying problems, causes and deviations from the planned framework. Based on the insights gained, projects can be re-prioritized and resources can be deployed in a targeted manner.

CONSILIO supports you in the:

  • Analysis of the existing project landscape
  • Development of a list of projects with the most urgent need for action
  • Creation of detailed catalogs of measures
  • Provision of processes and instruments for sustainable portfolio management

You profit from:

  • prioritized projects and the targeted use of resources
  • A streamlined project portfolio and sustainable project portfolio management

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