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The SAP standard does not grant analysis tools such as Embedded Analytics access to the liveCache data of PP/DS. CONSILIO PP/DS Analytics eliminates this deficiency and thus enables important evaluations.

Are you an SAP PP/DS user, are you already using SAP S/4HANA and would like to be able to better assess the quality of your planning processes? In addition, access to your PP/DS data in liveCache is important to you? With the standard-compliant extension CONSILIO PP/DS Analytics, we offer you a comprehensive solution for these requirements.

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ACCESS TO PP/DS DATA - The standard-compliant CONSILIO extension extracts the PP/DS data from the liveCache and makes it accessible at database level in quasi real time.  Users can thus access both order-specific and capacity-specific data and evaluate it in a targeted manner as well as in real time.

ANALYTICS - PP/DS Analytics enables dynamic, KPI-based evaluation of planning quality with tools such as Embedded Analytics. Predefined content supports the analysis. If required, custom KPIs and reports can also be created. Due to the powerful in-memory technology of the S/4HANA database, analyses are possible in real time.


  • Access to PP/DS data at database level
  • Analytical evaluation in real time  
  • Clear graphical visualization options - for example in the form of dashboards
  • Easy access to KPI reports via FIORI tiles
  • CONSILIO PP/DS Analytics is fully integrated into SAP S/4HANA
  • Simple and intuitive use through a user-friendly interface
  • Possibility to download reports in Excel
  • No additional license costs for S/4HANA Embedded Analytics


  • Application area: relevant for all industries
  • Customizable
  • System requirements: supports SAP S/4HANA, S/4HANA PP/DS Sidecar (and ECC 6.0 with ePP/DS, APO PP/DS)*.

*limited evaluation functionality

Highlights of CONSILIO PP/DS Analytics

Live data

PP/DS order and capacity data are available for analysis in real time

Measure competitive advantages

Creation of customer-specific KPIs based on CDS views

Standard compliant

Integration in S/4HANA Embedded Analytics, SAP Analysis for Office &
SAP Analytics Cloud

Real-time analysis

Implementation of a real-time reporting
(based on S/4HANA Embedded Analytics)

Individually customizable

Customer-specific development on CONSILIO PP/DS Analytics possible

An excerpt of our PP/DS Analytics references

Cable manufacturer

Cable manufacturer

Connection of an MES system with PP/DS length planning for cable production and implementation of individual reporting based on APO PP/DS data

Semiconductor manufacturer

Semiconductor manufacturer

Introduction of CONSILIO PP/DS Analytics as an enabler for customer-specific developments in the form of high-performance PP/DS data availability at database level

Plastics and metal processors

Plastics and metal processors

Implementation of a production order monitor for fast and transparent sales order planning with PP/DS APO on HANA

Engineering company

Engineering company

Tabular production overview with capacity requirements. Evaluation of key figures on customer-specific dimensions from PP/DS and PP in a flexible time horizon

With CONSILIO PP/DS Analytics, your planning quality can now be evaluated in a high-performance manner and visualized in a contemporary way using KPIs. CONSILIO PP/DS Analytics is a standard-compliant extension that allows you to access your data easily and quickly in PP/DS as well.

Ralf Bernhard, Managing Director CONSILIO GmbH Contact expert


SAP PP/DS uses liveCache technology for detailed production planning, where the data is not initially stored in the S/4HANA database. However, the evaluation options in the PP/DS area have an unclear structure and are static, which is why they only allow limited deep insights into the planning quality. Those who want to focus on their planning with analysis tools such as embedded analytics come up empty, as these tools expect database information for the evaluation. So far, SAP does not offer a solution for this problem in the standard. CONSILIO has identified this shortcoming and, with its PP/DS Analytics solution, bridges the gap between liveCache and the database in full compliance with the standard.

Our services

  • Carrying out requirements analyses
  • Definition of KPIs in production planning and control
  • Connection of PP/DS to store floor systems
  • Key user training
  • Development of customer-specific KPIs in the form of CDS views
  • Development of customer-specific evaluations

Analytical evaluation of planning processes in real time with CONSILIO PP/DS Analytics

The CONSILIO PP/DS Analytics add-on is an in-house development for extending your existing SAP system. You can use it to retrieve your order and capacity data directly from your SAP HANA database in real time without any PP/DS developer experience. The queries can also be specifically adapted to the production environment. This means you always have the right KPIs in view. Deadlines can be defined more clearly, you have full control even for critical projects and shorten your lead times.

Analytics in production planning and optimization | Analytics for S/4HANA ePP/DS

Are you an SAP PP/DS user and want to be able to better assess the quality of your planning processes? We provide you with high-performance and real-time access to your production planning. In this presentation, we will show you the CONSILIO solution PP/DS Analytics, which fulfills these requirements and thus enables you to make important evaluations SAP Fiori, S/4HANA Analytics, SAP Analysis for Office or SAP Analytics Cloud. Speakers: Ralf Bernhard & Achim Pförtner, CONSILIO


Are you an SAP PP/DS user and want to be able to better assess the quality of your planning processes? In this webinar we will show you how you can keep an eye on your planning quality at all times with the CONSILIO PP/DS Analytics solution. PP/DS Analytics gives you high-performance access to your PP/DS data in real time, which can be analyzed in detail using various SAP Analytics tools.

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