Templates and Rollout

Standardization of business activities in a global context

With the internationalization of markets and the globalization of business activities, the need to structure and shape a business throughout the company is growing. The implementation of complex global solutions usually affects both IT and other departments. Templates are an essential part of the IT strategy and the instrument for standardization in a global context - they are thus more than mere templates for reuse.
A successful template project is usually characterized by a precisely tailored global business network, accompanied by professional change management. The success of a project is not exclusively determined by the IT tool used.

A resilient standardization strategy, harmonization and change management have a significant impact on the project plan. A template project should therefore be viewed holistically and not just in terms of IT.
The rollout requires discipline and is hardly manageable without methodology. A flexibly designed, comprehensive rollout concept takes the needs of heterogeneous user groups into account. The rollout procedure ranges from operative planning to implementation and project management. Successful rollout management makes a significant contribution to achieving time, cost and quality targets in project execution.

Our service "Templates and Rollout" includes

  • Analysis and documentation of business management requirements
  • Change and Resource Management
  • Creation of a template approach
  • Definition of templates
  • Implementation of the rollout
  • Development of a support concept
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