In the automotive industry, many processes and functions depend on the pulse of assembly planning: Starting with production planning, through materials planning, to the management of warehouses and distribution systems. The challenge? Optimal utilization of the assembly lines despite increased customer and market requirements.

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The challenges

When planning, both the capacity of the line (e.g. number of engines per shift) and other restrictions such as quantities, distances or blocks must be taken into account.

The CONSILIO solution

The processes were transferred into a template based on SAP ERP and SAP SCM. Based on the harmonized high-level processes, the individual steps and functions were detailed and specified in a business and IT concept. Already in the conception phase, the requirements were compared with SAP ERP and SCM on the basis of prototypes.

The template solution uses demand planning in SAP SCM as well as model-mix planning from the SAP Automotive solution. Classical functions from SAP ERP, such as work centers, routings, bills of material, production orders, configurable materials and material variants are also taken into account.

Result: By using model-mix planning, the order backlog was smoothed and then brought into a meaningful sequence.