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20 September 2022

FIORI for Sales: Customers Overview

Know what moves your customers and respond quickly to their needs - even before problems arise.

FIORI's Customer Overview app provides a quick and insightful look at the business relationship with a customer or group of customers. Real-time data can be used to quickly identify patterns that need to be analyzed in order to strengthen business relationships and identify customer needs before they are expressed themselves. We will show you how you too can benefit from this app in your day-to-day business.

A view from the top

As with many other FIORI apps, this app is an overview app with multiple tiles that can be freely arranged and shown or hidden as desired. These tiles display important key figures related to one or more customers. We will show you what these are in the following.

Frequency of Sales Orders

In this application the average number of customer orders per month from the last six months is given. On the one hand, this key figure is output as a value, on the other hand, it can be displayed graphically as a diagram. The number of customer orders initially enables initial statements to be made about the expected turnover in a specific period. However, changes are also quickly recognized by the user and can be analyzed in greater depth in order to determine causes and define countermeasures. For example, the salesperson can use the evaluation to increase the focus on business relationships with customers who order frequently and a lot. Re-classification of the business relationship can also be carried out using this information, among other things. Declining order placements can be identified and analyzed to reactivate and further strengthen a customer relationship. These are just a few examples of the benefits you can achieve with this card.

Incoming Sales Orders

In this tile, the user sees at first glance the average net value of customer orders per month from the last six months - also as a key figure and as a diagram. The evaluation of the frequency of customer orders provides information about customer behavior. In the next step, the salesperson can narrow down the causes more precisely and take measures to make up for any sales losses. 

Embedded analytics for sales

With Embedded Analytics in SAP S/4HANA SD, SAP delivers a combination of new technologies and analytical tools that enable real-time evaluation directly in the operational sales management system.

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Open Sales Orders

Here, customer orders in progress are listed according to delivery date. In this app, an employee with customer responsibility has an overview of all customer orders that are in his current worklist. He can keep an eye on work progress by jumping to other apps. Potential problems can be quickly identified and solved. In contact with the customer, the employee is always aware of the current orders and their processing status. Proactive behavior toward business partners can thus be further promoted.

Rejected Sales Orders

Customer orders can be canceled for a variety of reasons. When something like this happens, close communication with the customer is needed quickly. Dissatisfaction in any area can damage a business relationship and, in the worst case, lead to its termination. In a global market, competition is fierce. Once lost, customers are difficult to regain. Using this metric, canceled or partially canceled orders are displayed and the employee can immediately react to possible grievances and seek a solution with the customer. 

Customer Returns

The "Customer Returns" card shows all of the customer's returned items from the last six months. As with cancelled receipts, returns indicate errors or problems in the end-to-end process. While returns that have already been made cannot be reversed, it is still critical that the conversation with the customer is sought in a timely manner. After evaluating the cause, which can be determined together with the data in the system and the customer's statements, appropriate measures must be taken. These should reduce the number of returns as far as possible.  

Delivery Performance

Delivery reliability is an important KPI that says a lot about customer satisfaction and the company's own processes. Increased late delivery is a common reason that puts a strain on business relationships. How to tackle this problem depends on several factors. Therefore, it is important to know which areas you have sufficient influence on in order to optimize them in the long run. Therefore, two KPI's are given here, which refer to the past six quarters:

  • Delivered as Requested
    • Number of items delivered on the customer's initial requested delivery date.
  • Delivered as Committed
    • Number of items delivered on an alternative date after rescheduling and agreement with the customer because the requested date was not possible. 
    • This KPI in particular is relevant for analyses and provides initial indications of possible process optimizations.

Sales Volume / Profit Margin

The contribution margin is an important indicator of the products sold to customers. It provides information about the profitability of the product. In relation to a business partner, it is easy to see what contribution a customer makes to the business result, because sales do not equal profit. If, for example, the customer predominantly buys products that have become more expensive due to economic or global influences, but these additional costs are not reflected in the selling price, this business is damaging in the long term. Possible options must be identified and decisions made to implement them. This map can be used to show the last six quarters. The user quickly recognizes deteriorations in the ratio of sales to contribution margin in the app. For detailed analysis, he jumps to other apps.

Sales Volume by Sales Area

This shows net sales in relation to one or more customers in the respective sales areas. This valuable information can be used, for example, to define, decide and implement restructurings in the sales organization.

Open Quotations

First come, first serve. In the global market, offers have to be made quickly. Close contact with the customer is necessary to land the perfect deal. The map helps to keep an eye on the relevant offers. These are sorted according to their validity date.

Rejected Quotations

If an offer is not won once, a search for the cause is necessary. If you want to survive on the market, you have to learn from your mistakes. A preparation of the activities and statements of the (potential) customer helps to define measures. The map shows all partially or completely canceled offers and thus provides the basis for follow-up work.

Sales Contract Fulfillment

If you display sales contracts in your system, you can quickly view the progress of the explicit contracts here. You can sort the contracts by fulfillment status or validity end date. When talking to a customer, you can consult the map in parallel and discuss the current status with your customer. An exchange with real-time data symbolizes competent work and gives the customer the feeling of being well taken care of.

Quick Actions

Without leaving the overview app, you can use this tile to directly create new documents or jump off to check the fulfillment of already existing documents. Fast navigation enables efficient work. Jumping between transactions or managing multiple sessions is basically no longer necessary.

Customer Contact

If you are looking for the contact to the customer, the contact information is visible here. A search in other apps or in the system is therefore not necessary, which saves a lot of time. Furthermore, it is possible to call up the 360° view of the customer to obtain even more information about the customer.


The customer overview offers many possibilities and advantages. However, it only makes sense for employees with a manageable circle of customer responsibilities. The targeted illumination of one or more customers is clearly the focus here. With the familiar Fiori functionalities, custom filters can be created and saved. In this way, individual customers or customer groups can be called up quickly. Cards that are not relevant can be hidden.
With this app, you stay close to your customers. It enables quick response and provides insights into patterns that can be uncovered using real-time data. A useful tool for any business that wants to build even stronger customer loyalty.

FIORI's Customer Overview app keeps you close to your customers. It enables quick response and provides insights into patterns that can be uncovered using real-time data. A useful tool for any company that wants to retain its customers even more firmly.

Nicolas Voll, Consultant SAP SD CONSILIO GmbH Contact the expert

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