15 September 2021

RISE with SAP: What is it about?

RISE with SAP has been the talk of the town for months. In our series of articles, we look at some much-discussed aspects of the comprehensive solution.

Most SAP customers are about to embark on the S/4HANA transformation or are already in the middle of it. A move to the S/4HANA cloud is, as Steffen Pietsch from the DSAG Technology Board aptly puts it, "not a technical migration, but a transformation that requires addressing business requirements in terms of content and taking a holistic view of the system landscape". To accomplish such a holistic transformation, special tools and competencies are needed. SAP has listened to customers and drawn conclusions from the discussions to develop holistic support for the S/4HANA transformation.

It is precisely this bundling of tools, data and services that SAP provides in the RISE with SAP offering.

What does RISE with SAP include?

RISE with SAP stands for the transformation to the intelligent enterprise. At the heart of the package is the S/4HANA Cloud in Private or Public Edition, and as SaaS - Software as a Service. SaaS is a new cost model where the licenses, hosting and maintenance are included in a subscription model: You pay monthly subscription fees and in return you can use the cloud, which is provided along with infrastructure and operations by a contractor. There are no further procurement or maintenance costs.

In addition to the cloud, the RISE package includes other tools and services that simplify the transition to the cloud and offer various options for further developing applications, networking with business partners and optimizing operations:

  • With Business Process Intelligence, processes can be analyzed and optimized using Process Discovery, AI, Robotic Automation and IoT. 
  • Company-specific enhancements can be made on the Business Technology Platform and SAP and non-SAP systems can be integrated.
  • Networking with customers and suppliers via the SAP Business Network with ARIBA Network, Asset Intelligence Network and Logistics Business Network.
  • Tools such as CustomCode Analyzer, Readiness Check and Learning Hub.

Private or public?

The S/4HANA cloud is available in two forms in RISE with SAP: as a public or private edition. As the name suggests, the public cloud is located on a publicly usable server. As with the private cloud, logon is web-based via the client model.

With the private cloud edition, the customer receives the full range of functions of the S/4HANA on-premise solution in their own hosting environment. In contrast to the public cloud, the region of hosting can be determined. Another feature of the Private Cloud is that this edition allows the use of the modernized SAP GUI in addition to the Fiori interface; customizing and in-house developments are also still possible. These features offer customers the opportunity to freely decide which migration path is target-oriented for their company.

Added value:

The software-as-a-service approach promises a faster move to the cloud. Above all, the public cloud as a fixed system without major customization options allows fast provisioning and fast go-live.

Best practice scenarios are available for both public and private cloud. Based on an SAP checklist, the necessary best practice process list is discussed and agreed with the customer in advance. This means that these processes are available to the customer for the go-live.

For companies that have specific processes, the private cloud is often the best option. In general, the customer's own industry-specific processes and the benefits offered by the public or private cloud should be the primary decision criteria in addition to the question of cost.  

The platforms and services included in the package are a bundle of far-reaching tools that accompany the company holistically before, during and after the transformation. For example, you can check your current system with the Readiness Check or the Custom Code Check app and identify places that require special attention during the transformation to the S/4HANA Cloud. With HANA Sizing, you can determine hardware requirements such as memory, CPU power, network bandwidth and others. Fiori and SAP process recommendations are also available here.

With Business Process Intelligence components such as Process Discovery, AI, Robotic Process Automation and IoT, your processes can be optimized and streamlined not only at the IT level, but also at the business level. Extensions and integrations with other solutions are possible at any time on the Business Technology Platform. Access to SAP Business Network with 5 million networked business partners can be a door opener to the market for young companies, but existing customers can also use it to greatly expand their existing network.

The list of all the services included in the RISE package is very long. The possibilities offered by the package are correspondingly far-reaching. Many companies can benefit from RISE with SAP. Is it the best solution and a must-have for everyone? - No, certainly not. But SAP RISE should be part of the general strategy discussion for SAP S/4HANA migration.

Cloud is the future

The trend is clearly moving in the direction of the cloud. According to Computerwelt, revenues from cloud computing services worldwide will increase by 34% in 2020 alone. The repeatedly mentioned reasons for moving to the cloud - maximum scalability, high production speed, permanent availability and many others - are indispensable for many companies to survive on the market and to be competitive. RISE with SAP is a holistic offering that can make a move to the cloud easier. However, before deciding to move to the cloud, you should critically examine your own processes, company structure and goals and ask yourself questions such as: Do I want to go to the cloud or is my business model best served by an on-premise installation? Do I want to stick with my processes or do I see potential for optimization? If cloud, then which edition: private or public, or is even a hybrid approach right for me? How can I benefit from the RISE with SAP applications? How do I as a company deal with Digital Access in the future?

Moving to the cloud is a far-reaching strategic decision. RISE with SAP is a very complex product that can add a lot of value to a company's transformation. Whether that is the case for your company or another transformation path is right for you is a very individual decision. There also seems to be a lot of movement with this package, with new solutions and options - such as industry solutions - being added. With no other product is it as true as here: Get advice to identify the optimal options for you from the many possibilities offered by the SAP world. CONSILIO experts are happy to support you in every phase of your transformation.

The move to the cloud is a far-reaching strategic decision. RISE with SAP offers many companies a major advantage in the upcoming migration to SAP S/4HANA. We would be happy to discuss with you individually and directly whether this also applies to your company or whether another path makes more sense.

Lars Becker, SAP Partner Manager & Account ManagerCONSILIO GmbH

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