Automation of processes in financial accounting and forward-looking analysis of your data are the trend that SAP is following with S/4HANA

With the conversion from R/3 to ERP, financial accounting and controlling in SAP were already brought closer together for the first time, e.g. profit center accounting was mapped in the general ledger. This marks the beginning of a common direction, which is also reflected in the course of the development from SAP ERP to S/4HANA. The focus is on consistent data, increased transparency and more efficient and faster processes. With S/4HANA, the standardization of processes and the simplification of data models goes one step further and thus provides the basis for maximum added value:

The automation of your processes and the best possible use and analysis of your data. S/4HANA lures with attractive new functionalities. But even if your switch to S/4HANA is not yet within reach, some of these are already available to you as an option. Some of these new features can already be implemented in ERP. This gives you the opportunity to get the most out of your ERP system and, by the way, make the upcoming transformation process easier for you by switching to the new applications on S/4HANA in advance.

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