SAP Project System (SAP PS)

All project details in one central place!

With the introduction of the integrative SAP Project System module, you receive a comprehensive and meaningful overview of all areas of your SAP project. Whether costs, capacity, deadlines or requirements - all details are maintained in one central location and displayed in an orderly manner.

High individual customer requirements for your projects (Engineer to Order), comprehensive maintenance measures on continuous production lines (project-oriented maintenance) or complex, novel requirements in the context of Research & Development:
These are all examples where high integrity and a quick overview of the current project situation are essential. Here, it is particularly important to base actions that influence the entire project on correct data. In order to achieve a high level of effectiveness and efficiency at all times, it is imperative to create a single point of truth. This is the only way to quickly obtain the necessary project information. The SAP project system helps you to do this.

The main SAP PS functionalities

  • Plan your budget with the help of "Easy Cost Planning" both on individual areas, departments and cost types as well as fully comprehensive on the time axis
  • Benefit from cost templates and combine them to a valid cost plan for your activities
  • Project aggregation allows costs to be clearly displayed and evaluated. This way, managers as well as department heads and other executives benefit from a cost planning and presentation that is optimized for them
  • Allocate revenues from sales to the areas in which they are actually incurred in a targeted and results-coordinated manner
  • Plan not only when and in what amount costs are incurred, but also the type of costs. For example, differentiate between material costs, costs for services or those incurred for internal services months and years in advance
  • Perform a progress analysis based on various factors. Use both the costs incurred and feedback from your departments as a basis.
  • Comprehensive target/actual comparisons give you a constant overview of your current project situation and enable you to identify and counteract deviations at an early stage.
  • Use forecast data from your departments to identify additional work as soon as it occurs
  • Benefit from a uniform representation in the Gantt chart to obtain a graphical overview of all activities and their progress
  • Thanks to the integrated milestone trend analysis, you can not only see the historical course of the deadlines, but can also derive forecasts for your target deadlines
  • Through the project information system, many overviews are available to you. Both graphical and tabular evaluations are possible to obtain the right information you need for effective project management.
  • Benefit from the high integrity of the project system. Use the overviews to evaluate production, maintenance and service orders, among others, that are linked to your project.
  • Use one of the many export options to create individual project reports and distribute them to colleagues and customers
  • Switch views in seconds and enrich your data with additional information as needed
  • Automatically save project versions to show projects not only in their current state, but also at important key points in time
  • Benefit from fully integrated capacity planning in SAP. Plan how much work actually accrues for individual activities.
  • Increase your transparency by including individual tasks and subtasks in your project and planning them in terms of capacity
  • Thanks to the link to the HR modules, the project system allows detailed and in-depth personnel resource planning based on the working hours of your employees
  • Integrate activities into your graphical planning board to perform a simple distribution of tasks via drag & drop
  • Perform valid and consistent planning. Capacity planning also takes into account workloads that occur in other departments
  • Create individual links between all activities to enable fully comprehensive scheduling
  • Automatic determination of the critical path and buffer times helps you to quickly obtain an overview of the activities that are relevant to the schedule
  • By integrating actual dates into the scheduling, you can rely on a correct schedule at any time
  • Specify unchangeable dates such as customer acceptances in order to check whether the schedule can still be adhered to
  • Link material and capacity requirements to the schedule of your project

Take advantage of the SAP Project System

  • Integration with all major SAP modules
  • Optimal use of resources, adapted to your needs
  • Higher transparency over all steps of your project and supply chain
  • Reduce postponements and delays of your projects
  • Improve your cost transparency

We support you with our know-how during the implementation of the SAP project system and thus guarantee you a comprehensive and meaningful overview of all areas of your SAP project.

Philipp Schneider, Solution Consultants SCMCONSILIO GmbH


Our services for you

  • Detailed analysis of your entire project planning and execution processes
  • We improve your planning with the know-how from numerous customer projects
  • Our experts perform a master data analysis to improve your entire project and production planning processes 
  • CONSILIO identifies potential improvements along your value chain
  • We are happy to support you in implementing our best practice processes in the project environment
  • You can benefit from our many years of SAP project experience

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